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COAXICOM 75 Ω connectors are designed to provide a well-matched system impedance for critical telecommunication and CATV applications.

They are available in both a Snap-On configuration with an interface similar to but larger than the SMB (the Snap-On series is also known as SMZ in the industry) and a Screw-On configuration, with an interface similar to but larger than the SMC.  Both configurations are rated to 2 GHz, but have been successfully used to above 4 GHz.

COAXICOM also offers positive locking Snap-On plugs.


COAXICOM 75 Ω connectors are most often used with the 75 Ω cables in groups 24A, 25B and 28A shown in the table. Of particular note is the availability of both configurations for use on 75 Ω Ultra-Flex (cable group 31). The connectors are also available for many 50 Ω cables.

Within-series adapters are available in both configurations. Users may specify the finish for connectors and adapters as either nickel plated (suffix –7) or gold plated (suffix –1).







Coaxicom offers world-class design and manufacturing capabilities with a broad array of piece parts that are in stock and ready to assemble. Established in 1984, Coaxicom are specialists in RF connectors (all-series), cable assemblies, phase adjusters, adapters, terminations, attenuators, dust caps, transition pins, precision torque wrenches and more.

For more information including datasheets, inventory or pricing email Sales@Coaxicom.com or call 1-866-262-9426.

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