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Phase Adjuster Connector

Phase Adjustable SMA Adapters & Connectors

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Simple Mechanical Phase Adjustment

These SMA connectors for semi-rigid coaxial cables offer a precise, yet extraordinarily simple means of phase adjustment for microwave instrumentation. Coaxicom phase adjustable connectors incorporate a threaded interconnection of variable length. Turning a phase adjustment nut creates small-incremental changes in cable length and hence phase, up to a maximum of 180 degrees at 18 GHz.

MDC 1089-2

MDC 1089-2 & -3 Phase Adjuster Connector

Coaxicom phase adjustable connectors are available in two standard sizes, MDC 1089-2 for .141″ diameter cable and MDC 1089-3 for .085″ diameter cables. Adapter versions, MDC 189-1 (DC-18GHz) and MDC1089A (DC-4GHz) are also available for in-line applications. For phased array radar, test equipment, ILS & other instrumentation using phase matching techniques, the new connectors substitute the ease of mechanical screw adjustments for laborious cable-trimming. Phase matching may be performed at final production stages, allowing less stringent specifications for equipment components. Once established the proper phase setting for each cable is maintained by a connector locking nut. To compensate for system aging, the locking nut may be released and new phase adjustments made at any time.

MDC 1089A

MDC 1089A Adapter Alternative


Electrical Performance

VSWR Data Chart - Phase adjuster

Phase Adjuster VSWR Data Chart

Unlike other phase-matching techniques with limited frequency ranges which may hamper performance or require use of more than one model, each broadband Coaxicom phase adjustable connector covers the entire range from DC to 18 GHz. Low VSWR is typical (see chart above). Phase adjustment range in degrees is ten times the frequency in GHz (e.g. 100 degrees at 10 GHz, 180 degrees at 18 GHz).

Environmental Performance

Coaxicom phase adjustable SMA connectors are operational at temperatures from -65 detgrees C to +125 degrees C. They also meet the following sections of MIL-Std-202 for environmental conditions. Vibration: Method 204- Test Condition D.


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Cable assemblies and RF microwave connectors

5 Things to Know About RF Connectors

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Guest Author:  Abi Cool


RF connectors also known as radio frequency connectors are simply electrical connectors which are made to function at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. In areas where screening is of high priority RF connectors are extremely valuable. Every home makes use of RF connectors one way or another from products such as antennas, surge connectors, coaxial cables, radios, and enclosures. These connectors

SSMC Connector Straight Male Jack Gold

SSMC Straight Male Jack (Gold)

are used in most cases with different test instruments such as oscilloscopes and a host of others. Types of RF connectors are the quick lock types, standard types, audio and video types, high voltage types, blind mate types, thread types, precision types and a few others. However the connector types very common are SMA, BNC, type N, UHF (PL259), reverse polarity TNC (RPTNC) and TNC.

A lot of people don’t know that RF connectors have gender, yes male and female gender. You can identify the gender of the connectors by keeping the following in mind.
(i) The threads are always found inside of the shell. It should also be noted that RF plugs are male.
(ii) The opposite is the case here as threads of the RF jacks are always on the outside of the shell.
(iii) It should also be noted that the shell of the male, that is the plug, usually covers that of the female (jack).
(iv) It is very important to take note of the polarity when mating a male and female plug. For example, the male and female should both be reverse polarity TNC (RPTNC).

It should however be noted that for a standard polarity male plug, there is a center pin that usually sticks out from the middle and threads are found on the inside of the shell of the plug. While the standard polarity female jack plug is the opposite of the male. It receives the pin from the male by use of its socket, which is also in the middle. The outside of the jack shell has threads. However the situation is different as the reverse polarity male plug receives the pin from the female by use of a socket in the middle designed for the purpose. Threads are found on the inside of the shell. In the case of a reverse polarity female jack, a center is found in the middle and threads are found on the outside of a jack shell.

If you think you know a lot about RF connectors, here are 5 things for you to know.

N Female Receptacle for cable assembly

Type N Female Connector for coaxial cable

RF coaxial connectors have been used for a very long period of time for the transmitting of radio signals over signal wires so as to process the signals into a visible or an audible medium. The processing commonly used are of two types. The analog signal is either maintained and reproduced or recorded in the original form. Another type of processing employed is the conversion of the analog signal into a digital signal that is either recorded or processed. Minimizing or controlling signal emissions, maintaining signal integrity and decreasing the effect of external influences are the roles, the coaxial contact play.

In order to ensure that external signals are not in any way picked up by the interior conductor which the signals are transmitted from, the coaxial contact system designs provides the much needed shielding. What usually interfere in processing the required RF signal are stray signals that are usually picked. This is mostly in the form of noise. For the signal to be well processed and either translated, reproduced and even stored, there must be proper modeling in the designing of the contact so as to maintain signal integrity. Avoidance of signal loss through attenuation is the most important element of this design. The weakening of digital pulse trains leads to the degradation and alteration of the pulse when talking of peak voltage loss and times of pulse level rise getting much slower, which are mostly measured in decibels. Due to attenuation or the force reduction of RF signals a lot of RF contacts can be effectively used to transmit digital signals.

One of the frequently used ways of wireless data transmission is the modulation of the digital signal into an analog signal. What follows next is the transmission of these signals which are received on a radio frequency transmission. High-bandwidth coaxial contacts are mostly employed in the maintenance of signal integrity before and after transmission, giving room for the conversion of analog signal to digital signal. It should however be noted that the same contact designs that are used in the maintenance of analog signal integrity can also be used for digital, the exception being that the design is adapted the transmitting and receiving lines as made use of in Ethernet digital networks. In systems that are highly reliable, 4 or more contacts are usually housed in these termini, permitting a data transmission rate of more than 1 GB/s.

An effective RF coaxial system is designed to be used in land, air, space and even marine vehicles; this is because it maintains signal integrity at very high bandwidth combined with offering environmental safety of a high-reliability connector package. Due to the very flexible nature of these connectors, designers can easily combine RF power and data in just a single unit.


SMA Straight Female Receptacle

3143-1 SMA Straight Female (Jack) Bulkhead Receptacle Hermetic Seal RF Connector (Gold)

The primary task of RF connectors mostly used with coaxial contact systems is the maintenance of social integrity irrespective of its external environment, this is done mainly by providing a structure round the contact. The main elements of high-reliability connectors are their capacity of withstanding exposure to corrosion, shock, dirt, vibration, temperature, dust and liquid intrusion. It is highly important for designers of RF electrical systems to count on both electrical and physical elements when making RF interconnect and transmission systems.


Coaxial Components Corp is an industry leading provider of high-performance RF microwave components.  In-house manufacturing of the Coaxicom branded products occurs in the Stuart, Florida headquarters. In addition to the Coaxicom inventory, the company also recently acquired the inventory of both MIDISCO and Microwave Distributors.  These two leading firms had more than 50 years in the industry prior to their recent acquisition.  Coaxicom now has access to this substantial inventory of in-stock connectors, attenuators, adapters terminations, cable assembles and other hard-to-find electronic components.  To request availability and pricing, please contact:


Adapters and Connectors

RF “Connector Saver” Can Save You Money

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Connector Saver.   

Within any connector family there are three adapters you can use. A male-to-male adapter refers to an adapter with two male ends. This is often referred to as a “barrel” adapter. A female-to-female adapter has two female ends; it is often referred to as a “bullet” adapter. An adapter with one male end and one female end is referred to as a “connector saver“.

Swept radius adapter by Coaxicom

Type N, radius right angle, male to female adapter

Why a Money Saver?                                                                                           

Because this type of adapter is often screwed onto an expensive piece of test equipment or component that requires a lot of connect/disconnect cycles. As a result,  if an incident occurs where one of the connectors is damaged, it is far cheaper to  replace the connector saver (adapter) than to repair expensive equipment that it is protecting.

Inter Series Adapters.                                                                                       

Inter series coaxial adapters are some of the more common components used in RF, microwave and telecommunication/wireless, and networking applications. OEM’s and manufacturing and engineering test facilities are continually required to provide temporary or permanent connections between the many coaxial series in use.

Long Established Connector Series.

Today, this is particularly true where long established connector series (N, TNC, BNC, 874, SMA, etc.) must be mated with less common or more recently introduced interfaces.   Examples of these are 3.5 mm, 2.9 mm, 2.4 mm, 7/16, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, MCX, MMCX, and 7 mm.

The Coaxicom Solution.

Recognizing this need, COAXICOM maintains a large inventory of common and not-so-common inter as well as intra adapters. The user should bear in mind that for best performance, the usable frequency range for a given adapter is established by the operating range of the lower frequency interface on the adapter. Most adapters are usable at higher frequencies within limitations.

1. 75 ohm SMB and SMC “type” do
not mate with the 50 ohm series.
2. 50 and 75 ohm Type N do not mate
with each other.
3. 50 and 75 ohm BNC mate without
4. 50 and 75 ohm TNC mate without
5. SMA, 3.5 mm and 2.9 mm mate
without restriction.

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How RF Waves Are Used To Evaluate Specific Cancer Treatments.

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Steven Jackson explains the principles behind Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

How Does MRI Really Work Using RF Waves?

In this short video for the 100 Second Science series, Steven Jackson explains the principle behind magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Jackson, a trainee clinical scientist at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, reveals how intense magnetic fields and RF waves can be used to produce images of soft tissue inside the human body. This important and highly-sought after treatment is continuing to experience innovation.  One of MRI’s primary uses is the diagnosis of cancer as well as tracking how tumors respond to treatment. (Source:, 26 Nov 2018 James Dacey,  Steven Jackson explain the principles behind magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)).

Coaxial Components Corp in Stuart is the manufacturing center for development of Coaxicom’s broad spectrum of precision connectors, inter & intra-series adapters; attenuators; terminations; phase adjusters; and cable assemblies.

Yale University researchers have also applauded the company’s development of a series of non-magnetic connectors utilized by the medical industry for MRI imaging.

Coaxicom proudly serves Customers in industries including the medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless, alternative energy. military/defense and more.

This U.S. manufacturer delivers the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable.  Email: or Call 866-COAXICOM (262-9426).

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Coaxicom Ownership


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STUART –   After 55 years in the precision RF connector business, North Palm Beach’s David Leiman announced the sale of Coaxial Components Corp and its affiliated companies on Friday, December 7th. The sale of the privately held global manufacturer based in Martin County completed the transition of leadership to Managing Director Julian Andrews, who has been with the firm since 1989 and has been overseeing daily operations for the past 8 years.  

New owners, Laurie Andrews of Jensen Beach and Donna Haas of Stuart, announced the acquisition of the firm, which also included the assets of three additional affiliated companies previously based in New York and Florida. As a result of the transaction, Leiman resigned from his position of President, ending a prestigious career of nearly 60 years. Leiman, who has been recognized as an industry icon, was pleased to see the company’s legacy continue to evolve as a woman-owned entity. The company offers one of the largest inventories of military grade electronic components due to the merge of Coaxicom, Dal-Tech Devices, Microwave Distributors Company and MIDISCO.

“The demand is high for quality US manufacturing in this competitive industry that has been inundated with low-quality imports over the past decade,” says Andrews.  “The focus on American-made quality has been a top priority for supply chain managers and many of today’s top defense industry contractors.” Andrews previously served as the Director of Operations for Coaxicom.

As CFO Donnas Haas of Haas Tech Capital will bring new financial leadership to the company which has generated revenues in excess of $20 million.  Haas will implement an innovative growth plan, designed to take advantage of the strong manufacturing outlook, while developing new markets for the industry-leading Coaxicom and MIDISCO brands.  Under Haas’ stewardship, Coaxial Components Corp will reposition its sales strategy to focus on capturing greater market share of the rising demand for quick delivery, US-manufactured product lines. “I look forward to working with the team to continue to expand Coaxicom’s global position,” says Haas.

Coaxial Components Corp headquarters in Stuart is also the manufacturing center for development of Coaxicom’s broad spectrum of precision connectors, inter & intra series adapters; RF connectors; attenuators; terminations; phase adjusters; torque wrenches and cable assemblies. Coaxicom received the Import Excellence award from the Martin County Business Development Board in 2013.  Yale University researchers have also applauded the company’s development of a series of non-magnetic connectors utilized by the medical industry for MRI imaging.

Coaxicom proudly serves Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless, alternative energy and more. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with made in the USA RF Connectors and a full menu of other precision components for over 30-years.

Coaxicom delivers the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable.

Elon Musk Debuts Flamethrower

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CEO of SpaceX and Tesla billionaire Elon Musk released a new device he has dubbed “Not a Flamethrower,” a promotional item for his start-up the Boring Company.

At $500 a pop, Musk grossed $10 million for the company, whose main purpose is to lower the cost of excavation and open the way for high-speed transit tunnels.

But wait … there’s more: Musk said every buyer would get a fire extinguisher, which was going for $30 extra when the sale began on Saturday! (content excerpts by:,,

Summer S’mores anyone??

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