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Coaxial Adapters in Demand

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Inter and intra series coaxial adapters and wave guide-to-coaxial adapters are some of the more common components used in RF, microwave and wireless applications. OEM’s and manufacuturing and engineering test facilities are continually required to provide temporary or permanent connections between the many coaxial and waveguide series in use. This is particularly true today where long established connector series (N, TNC, BNC, 8874, 900, SMA,e tc.,) must be mated with interfaces introduced later (3.5mm, 7/16 DIN, SSMB, SSMC, MCX, 7mm, etc.).

Recognizing this need, Coaxial Components Corp maintains a large inventory of MIDISCO and Microwave Distributors components. Some of the most common and some not so common inter and intra series coaxial and coaxial-to-wave guide adapters are available. We can also supply wave guide transitions in standard and double ridge configurations. If you have a requirement not shown in the catalog or our cross referencing tool, simply request engineering assistance through our website or call 772-287-5000.

The user should bear in mind that for best performance, the usable frequency for a given adapter is established by the operating range of the lower frequency interface on the adapter. As a guideline, a table is provided below to summarize the recommended frequency range of the more common coaxial interfaces. These guidelines represent the range for optimum performance. Most adapters are usable at higher frequencies with limitations.

Coaxicom manufactures standard and precision adapters. Standard adapters are usable to frequencies less than 12 GHz for N and TNC, or up to the recommended frequency range for the other series. Precision adapters use an “X” prefix for the part number and feature stainless steel construction for a more precise interface and an extended frequency range for the N and TNC series. In the case of precision N, TNC or SMAs interfaced with lower frequency series (ie: XBM-SM, XNF-BM etc.), the precise construction and stepped internal transition yields improved performance beyond the normal operating range of the lower frequency series.

Expanded InStock inventory of RF Electronics

STUART, FLORIDA – In Q4 2018, Coaxial Components Corp began its quest to substantially grow its market share of the global RF electronics industry. The 30-year old company was purchased by its long-term executive team along through its new partnership with HaasTech Capital. The acquisition also included the assets of Microwave Distributors Company and MIDISCO, two industry leading distributors once owned by Coaxicom’s founder who bundled the assets into the transaction.

Since the December acquisition, the company has secured contracts with a key supplier to major telecom companies in their race to develop a nationwide 5G wireless network. The company’s growth plan also includes increased revenue from the availability of the MDC and MIDISCO inventory, leading to the expansion of the company’s Florida operations.

RF Engineering Consultant

David House, Senior Engineering Consultant, Coaxial Components Corp

Electrical engineer David House, joined the Coaxial Components Corp from his most recent post at Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy and Transportation Group. “David’s expertise in engineering will enable us to provide our customers with engineering solutions and product knowledge at the highest level possible,” says Donna Haas, Owner & Managing Director. “He will interface with project engineers at all phases of RF design”.

Scott Arensman relocated to the South Florida Coaxicom division, bringing with him a wealth of corporate sales experience. Haas adds, “Scott brings 30 years of consultative sales experience in working with engineer and design teams. Coaxicom will continue to recruit and retain top industry talent to competitively create value in our customers RF system designs and supply chain challenges.”

According to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch Report from March 13th, the worldwide market for RF Coax Connector is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 5.4% over the next five years. The growth will reach 4940 million US$ in 2024, rising from 3610 million US$ in 2019.

RF Sales Executive Scott Arensman

Scott Arensman, Sales Executive, Coaxial Components Corp

Coaxial Components Corp’s Coaxicom brand provides the company a competitive edge providing flexibility for quicker turnaround times, higher quality and custom design capabilities. Coaxicom offers US manufacturing of its high precision line of coaxial cable assemblies, rf connectors, adapters, BNC connectors, and other electronic components. The company’s acquisition of the vast Microwave Distributors and MIDISCO inventory makes Coaxial Components Corp a one-stop resource for a wide range of parts from a variety of manufacturers over the past 55 years. Research and cross reference tools are available at the

Coaxicom Ownership


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STUART –   After 55 years in the precision RF connector business, North Palm Beach’s David Leiman announced the sale of Coaxial Components Corp and its affiliated companies on Friday, December 7th. The sale of the privately held global manufacturer based in Martin County completed the transition of leadership to Managing Director Julian Andrews, who has been with the firm since 1989 and has been overseeing daily operations for the past 8 years.  

New owners, Laurie Andrews of Jensen Beach and Donna Haas of Stuart, announced the acquisition of the firm, which also included the assets of three additional affiliated companies previously based in New York and Florida. As a result of the transaction, Leiman resigned from his position of President, ending a prestigious career of nearly 60 years. Leiman, who has been recognized as an industry icon, was pleased to see the company’s legacy continue to evolve as a woman-owned entity. The company offers one of the largest inventories of military grade electronic components due to the merge of Coaxicom, Dal-Tech Devices, Microwave Distributors Company and MIDISCO.

“The demand is high for quality US manufacturing in this competitive industry that has been inundated with low-quality imports over the past decade,” says Andrews.  “The focus on American-made quality has been a top priority for supply chain managers and many of today’s top defense industry contractors.” Andrews previously served as the Director of Operations for Coaxicom.

As CFO Donnas Haas of Haas Tech Capital will bring new financial leadership to the company which has generated revenues in excess of $20 million.  Haas will implement an innovative growth plan, designed to take advantage of the strong manufacturing outlook, while developing new markets for the industry-leading Coaxicom and MIDISCO brands.  Under Haas’ stewardship, Coaxial Components Corp will reposition its sales strategy to focus on capturing greater market share of the rising demand for quick delivery, US-manufactured product lines. “I look forward to working with the team to continue to expand Coaxicom’s global position,” says Haas.

Coaxial Components Corp headquarters in Stuart is also the manufacturing center for development of Coaxicom’s broad spectrum of precision connectors, inter & intra series adapters; RF connectors; attenuators; terminations; phase adjusters; torque wrenches and cable assemblies. Coaxicom received the Import Excellence award from the Martin County Business Development Board in 2013.  Yale University researchers have also applauded the company’s development of a series of non-magnetic connectors utilized by the medical industry for MRI imaging.

Coaxicom proudly serves Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless, alternative energy and more. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with made in the USA RF Connectors and a full menu of other precision components for over 30-years.

Coaxicom delivers the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable.

The Cable Assembly of your Dreams!

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Maybe saying “Cable Assembly of your dreams” is a little silly, but when you think about everything you go through to get the right cable, it can be a huge pain in the neck. You go to a website and they have the cable type you are looking for, but available in only half the length you want. So you buy a coupler and two cables. Instead of purchasing one item, you now have 3, which is something else you didn’t want to do.

What if you go to the website and they don’t have the cable you are looking for at all and you need to buy various adapters? All you are doing is affecting the performance of an overpriced and shoddily made cable!

Thankfully, you can now build your own cable assembly with Coaxicom! The cable assembly available on the Coaxicom site is the most advanced on the internet! Get the exact cable you want, in the length you want with the connectors you want. With a custom made cable assembly, there will no longer be testing multiple cables, adapting, coupling or jumping through various hoops like you may have in the past!


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Get a Quality Cable Assembly, Made in the U.S.A.

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For years, people have been choosing inexpensive Imported connectors for their components. Though saving money comes at a price and folks have realized the cash they are saving now comes with consequences down the road. Cheaply made parts not only run the risk of breaking down easily, but the quality of the products affects how they operate as well. Noise, fuzz and interference are much more prevalent in a cable assembly that was made overseas. When lower grade copper, bad insulation and poor manufacturing practices are combined, you get a bad product.

The money that you wind up saving just goes towards the replacement of the cable a few months or a year down the road. When you choose a cable assembly that was made in the U.S.A. however, you not only get the peace of mind of getting customer service you can understand, direct from the manufacturer, but you are also getting a much higher quality cable assembly made by trained professionals.

Not only are you helping a company by buying American, you are also getting the best cables you can get! When you purchase a cable assembly from Coaxicom, you are investing in the future of your devices. By not having the noise and by having the extra durability, you will be extremely happy with the performance of the cable as well as its longevity.

Don’t skimp on the cables! Get a custom cable assembly from Coaxicom today!

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A Big Shout-Out to a New Team Member in Coaxicom’s Customer Service.

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Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) is pleased to welcome new team member Sue Gleason to our customer service department where she will assist with sales order, PO processing, invoicing and delivery schedules.

A native of New Jersey, Sue relocated to Florida not only to be closer to her adult children but also take advantage of her love of hiking with her 2 dogs and gardening all-year round.

Sue Gleason

Having a diverse background that ranges from motor home sales, manufacturing  to owning a dry cleaner, Sue knows what is takes to keep customer’s trust high with professionalism, and proficiency.

But on the weekends you’ll often find her with friends hunting for special treasures and antiques at local estate sales, auctions and flea markets.

Everyone at Coaxicom is thrilled to have her on board and we look forward to Sue making a big impact here at Coaxicom.  Introduce yourself and send a quick hello email to her at

New RF Representative

Announcing a New RF Rep in New England. Welcome Kitchen & Kutchin Inc.

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Stuart, Florida – June 20, 2017 – A leader in the RF connector and cable assembly industry, Coaxial Components Corp.(Coaxicom) is pleased to announce a new RF representative in the New England area, Kitchen & Kutchin Inc.

Beginning July 3, 2017, Kitchen & Kutchin Inc. (K&K), based in Woburn, will be Coaxicom’s full-service Manufacturing Representative in New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and of course, Massachusetts.

With over 55-years of operating history, Kitchen & Kutchin is well-known throughout the region for leading-edge solutions and strong customer service. This is largely due to the synergy of the entire Kitchen & Kutchin team, led by President, Jim Kutchin.

“We strategically focus on the market. We also understand and assimilate to new technologies-always looking toward the future. Our ability to grow along with our customers is just one of the reasons we have such great customer retention. Whether it is Raytheon within the military/aerospace sector, or Keurig, or Bose in the consumer market, our mission is to provide expertise not often found at other companies” states Jim Kutchin.

Coaxicom is headquartered in Stuart, Florida and continually expands its depth of RF/Coaxial product lines including connectors (all-series), cable assemblies, adapters, terminations, phase adjusters, attenuators, transition pins, and torque wrenches, as well as specialty parts. The addition of Kitchen & Kutchin will make these in-stock or custom products even more accessible to a greater number of companies.

Kitchen & Kutchin Inc., Coaxicom’s new RF representative can be contacted by visiting or calling 781-782-0700; they are also officially listed on the Distributors and Representatives page of

Coaxicom at a Glance

Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line of precision RF and microwave components since 1984. Proudly serving customers in industries such as automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless, and alternative energy as well as the several national laboratories just to name a few.  Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality and reliability today’s customers demand including military specifications and requirements.

PRESS CONTACT:            Susanne Cruz



Phone:                                  USA and Canada  1-866-Coaxicom or International:+1-772-287-5000

Right-Angle Bend (RAB) Assembly 3221-1-“L” Outperforms SMA Right Angle Connector

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Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) – STUART, FLORIDA –  There is little doubt that electrical components in today’s high-tech industries are getting smaller and smaller.  Retrofitting RF connectors to meet increasing frequency requirements often presents a challenge utilizing the standard SMA series.  As a result of the increased demand for better electrical performance, Coaxicom employed design innovation to resolve the conflict between size and frequency.

Typical mitred Right-angle SMA cable connectors cause significant reduction of electrical performance in cable assemblies, particularly at higher frequencies.  Coaxicom’s Right-Angle Bend (RAB) Assembly provides an alternative to the standard right angle SMA coaxial connector with a low-profile device, delivering increased electrical performance at higher frequencies.  The 3221-1-L series of pre-bent right angle assemblies use the center conductor of .141″ semi-rigid cable as the contact.  “L” represents the overall length of the RAB.  This fact, combined with Coaxicom’s ultra-short SMA male, provides the same or a smaller profile than a right-angle connector, but without the performance penalty.

Typical VSWR of these assemblies is 1.10 to 18 GHz, while a similar assembly using a conventional right angle connector is typically 1.30.  An SMA male to SMA male swept radius cable assembly has a typical VSWR of 1.17 at 18GHz.   User specified lengths to 60” are available.  RAB assemblies also provide a cost-effective and dependable alternate to radius swept adapters.  RAB assemblies and adapters using other connectors and cables are also available.

Coaxial Components Co3221rp is a Florida-based manufacturer and supplier of RF Connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters and cable assemblies.  The company serves customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, energy, transportation and military sectors.  All Coaxicom connectors conform to MIL-PRF-39012 and interface dimensions per MIL-STD-348 or industry standards.  For more information or to order a product catalog, visit or call 866-Coaxicom or email direct at


The next 2-weeks can be a very stressful time.

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For buyers who rely on sourcing RF products overseas…the next 2-weeks is a very stressful time.

The disruption caused by the Chinese holiday can often cause headaches here in the United States. And no matter how much you plan and prepare inevitably there seems to always be supply delays, miscommunication or last minute urgencies.

But this year there is no need to worry.  Coaxial Components Corp. (best known as Coaxicom) is located in Stuart, Florida and ready to step in to deliver. Quality RF/Microwave components are in-stock and ready to ship in days. Coaxicom also provides engineering and customer support in a variety of ways via email, phone, fax, online chat, or even a scheduled Skype conference.

Plus offers a broad spectrum of components, an easy to use cable builder, and cross reference tools which many engineers and buyers alike find indispensable.

FB Image for Post march

So no more unanswered emails. No more endless automated phone prompts. No more navigating pages of website clutter.  No more waiting for weeks.

Coaxicom has also skillfully fused technology with talent­ to become a trusted “one-stop-shop” – whether you have a 25,000-piece order or just looking for product advice.

So while your current vendors may be celebrating the new year, maybe it’s time to consider a manufacturer closer to home.

Coaxicom is here to serve you today with competitive pricing, no import fees, same day quoting, low volume orders and superior quality as certified by the NSF-ISR in Quality Management of the Design and Manufacture of Coaxial Components and Cable Assemblies.

For information on Coaxicom’s RF/Microwave products including connectors, phase adjusters, adapters, terminations, attenuators, DC blocks, torque wrenches and pins, or to request a quote, visit, call 1-866-262-9426 or email us at  Check out Coaxicom’s special offer on select bulk purchases here.

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New West Coast Distributor: PCX, Inc.

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For Immediate Release – January 4, 2017

Stuart, Florida – January 4, 2017 – Coaxial Components Corp.(Coaxicom) specialists in precision
RF/Microwave components is pleased to announce the appointment of Huntington Beach-based PCX Inc.
as the latest distributor to join the Coaxicom team.

Beginning January  2017, PCX Inc. will be the largest authorized stocking distributor on the west coast
and will represent Coaxicom’s complete line of products, both custom and standard, throughout the state
of California and beyond.



Julian Andrews, Operations Manager at Coaxicom is enthusiastic about the new relationship, “PCX Inc. is a distribution partner with an excellent service reputation, top-notch staff and a broad customer base. I see nothing but success for both companies”.

From PCX Inc. Sales Director David Cox’s point of view, “we will be putting their products and brand name in front a wider audience while adding our own expertise, and regional knowledge”.


Founded in 1994,  PCX Inc. credo is trust, accountability, service, with multiple certifications, and tools including ADQ, US-FMS and Star Quality programs to back-up this commitment.

Coaxicom continues to enhance and expand its depth of RF/Coaxial solutions including connectors (all series), cable assemblies, adapters, terminations, and specialty parts. The addition of PCX Inc. will make these products even more accessible to a greater number of companies.

PCX Inc. can be contacted by visiting, they are also officially listed on the Distributors and Representatives page of

Coaxicom at a Glance
Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line microwave and RF connectors all available in 50
or 75 Ohm impedance. Proudly serving customers in industries including the automotive, medical,
instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless, and alternative energy as well as the US military
just to name a few. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding value and quality with our made in
the USA RF Connectors since 1984. Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities
necessary to deliver the quality and reliability our customers demand including military specifications and

PRESS CONTACT: Julian Andrews
Phone: USA and Canada 1-866-Coaxicom