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As we keep using more and more mobile devices, the RF spectrum will run out of space.

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Data science institute develops method to allow mobile users to tap into RF-spectrum.

The Data Science Institute and the Electrical Engineering Department at Columbia University received a National Science Foundation grant ($649,963) to develop energy-efficient sensors that will allow mobile and wireless-device users to tap into available, unused channels in the radio-frequency spectrum. The sensors will enable future communication systems to flexibly share the spectrum.

Wireless communications and mobile applications have placed an enormous strain on the electromagnetic spectrum – a finite and limited resource. Large portions of the spectrum, moreover, are already allocated to primary users such as fire departments, the coast guard and firs- responders, who use their channels only in exceptional circumstances. And that’s why there’s a need for sensors and computational techniques that can detect and use the available spectrum when it’s not engaged by primary users.

“At some point in the future as we keep using more and more mobile devices, the spectrum will run out of space,” said John Wright, a DSI affiliate and electrical engineering professor who is the principal investigator on the project. “We’ll use all the data-science tools we possess – machine learning, neural networks, algorithms and advanced computation techniques, in conjunction with new hardware devices – to sense pieces of the RF spectrum as they become available.”

Wright said that Peter Kinget, an electrical engineering professor at Columbia who specializes in analog and radio-frequency (RF) integrated circuits, will design circuits that can create “snapshots” of a large portion of the spectrum. Wright will then use a few of the snapshots to design algorithms to reconstruct the spectrum and help design a more energy-efficient sensor.

What’s novel about this project, said Wright, is that it mixes the latest computational methods with novel hardware design. On the data-science side, he will lead a team to develop computational techniques – algorithms and machine-learning methods to model and predict the available areas of the spectrum. Kinget’s team, on the other hand, will design new hardware – the circuits to sense the available channels in the spectrum.

“This project builds upon our ongoing fruitful collaboration with John’s team,” said Kinget. “In the past couple of years we have demonstrated several RF spectral sensors that generally used off-the-shelf signal-processing approaches with our custom hardware and have demonstrated significant speed and energy benefits. It will be exciting to see how much more progress we can make using new algorithms built on the latest insights in signal processing.”

Wright agrees that the multidisciplinary nature of the project will help it succeed.

“What’s exciting about the research is that the algorithms and computational tools my team is developing can enhance the circuits that Peter’s team is designing,” he said. “And we hope this project will lead to energy-efficient ways to detect and use the RF spectrum, so it continues to be available to the escalating number of wireless-communication users and mobile applications.” (content credit: November 8, 2017, Robert, Florida,

Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) has supplied research labs, and universities such as Argonne, Yale and alike, with reliable RF connectors, adapters, and cable assemblies since 1984. As a US Manufacturer located in Florida, we are a trusted resource offering world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality including military/defense specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable. Gold plated stainless steel or passivated versions of SMA connectors are standard in order to meet the finish and corrosion requirement of MIL-PRF 39012. Interface dimensions as well as all other applicable requirements are also in accordance with MIL-PRF-39012 and other military standards where the need exists.  Email: Return to website.

This may well be the oddest collection of items that has ever been blasted into space.

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NASA just sent lasers, E. Coli, pizza and ice cream to the ISS on the Orbital ATK’s Cygnus Spacecraft.

On Sunday, NASA launched some 7,400 pounds of cargo aboard commercial space company Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The delivery  included scientific samples, supplies and some goodies to keep the six astronauts on board the ISS cheerful as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. And who doesn’t want E.coli for the holidays! (, November 13, 2017)

Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard, as well as custom microwave and RF connectors all available in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. We have proudly served Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless alternative energy and more. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with made in the USA RF Connectors since 1984. Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable. Learn more about our RF Connectors.

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So how exactly will we hail a flying taxi?

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NASA is working with Uber on its flying taxi’s closer than you think!

  • Uber partnered with NASA on it its flying taxi project called Uber Elevate
  • Uber will be working with NASA to figure out traffic management for flying cars
  • Uber also said that it is aiming to trial the flying taxis in Los Angeles, as well as Dubai and Dallas-Fort Worth in 2020

 Uber signed a deal with NASA Wednesday to help develop traffic systems for its flying car project which it hopes to start testing in 2020.

The ride-hailing service published details of its “on demand aviation” ambitions last year which it has called Uber Elevate.

It is now stepping up its efforts to make the project a reality. Uber said at the Web Summit tech conference in Lisbon that it signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA for the development of “unmanned traffic management.” This is NASA’s push to figure out how unmanned aerial systems (UAS), such as drones that fly at a low altitude, can operate safely.

 Uber wants to make vertical take-off and landing vehicles. That will allow their flying cars to take off and land vertically. They will fly at a low altitude.

This is the start-up’s first partnership with a U.S. federal government agency. NASA is also working with other companies to develop traffic management for these low altitude vehicles.

“UberAir will be performing far more flights on a daily basis than it has ever been done before. Doing this safely and efficiently is going to require a foundational change in airspace management technologies,” Jeff Holden, chief product officer at Uber, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Combining Uber’s software engineering expertise with NASA’s decades of airspace experience to tackle this is a crucial step forward for Uber Elevate.”

The NASA deal is the latest in a series of partnerships Uber has struck to get UberAir — which is what the new service is called — off the ground.

Earlier this year it said it was working with authorities in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai to bring its flying taxis to those cities. It also signed partnerships with aircraft manufacturers and real estate companies to figure out where the take off and landing sites for the flying cars could be.

Uber said Wednesday that it also plans to trial the project in Los Angeles in 2020 along with the already announced cities. The company expects the price of a trip to be competitive with the same journey if done using UberX. It is aiming to get the flying taxi service up before the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. (content credit: Arjun Kharpal

Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard, as well as custom microwave and RF connectors all available in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. We have proudly served Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless alternative energy and more. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with made in the USA RF Connectors since 1984. Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable. Learn more about our RF ConnectorsEmail: or visit or call 866-262-94526 (COAXICOM).


A Giant Leap with a Small Footprint: Cryogenic Compression.

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From the Lab to the marketplace: Lab-Corps provides a boost to cryogenic compression.

Hydrogen offers a wide variety of benefits to today’s challenges for carbonless transportation (such as zero tail-pipe emissions, rapid refueling and longer driving range), but its widespread commercialization is still limited due to high costs. Cryogenic compression would help make carbonless transportation a practical reality.

That’s where Guillaume Petitpas of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Computational Engineering Division comes in. In September 2016, he was selected by the Department of Energy to participate in the Lab-Corps in-depth entrepreneurial training at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. He was selected for his current research in developing a cost-effective and compact solution for storing hydrogen in vehicles. Cryogenic compression, or CcH2, has great potential to enable zero-emission transportation.

Instead of relying on expensive and maintenance-prone compressors and large buffer tanks, the CcH2 approach stores liquid hydrogen at the station and directly fills it to the vehicle through a liquid pump, which has a much smaller footprint.

Hydrogen is among the cleanest fuel options for transportation. “One of the main issues with H2 storage is compression: liquification is one good option, but liquid hydrogen is so cold that controlling boil-off (wasted fuel through heat transfer) is a serious concern when you have a car that is parked most of the time,” Petitpas said.

About 15 years ago, LLNL developed the CcH2 technology to mitigate and virtually eliminate that boil-off issue. Petitpas’ team was selected for participation in the technology-transfer activities of Lab-Corps because CcH2is one of the more mature and most advanced technologies at DOE, besides exhibiting the lowest ownership cost and highest energy density.

“Because LH2‘s density is favorable for storage, CcH2 scales well for commercialization: CcH2-compatible refueling stations can easily handle 200 and more vehicles a day. No other storage technology is as cost effective,” Petitpas said.

The goal of Lab-Corps educational sessions is to help participating researchers gain a better understanding of product development in the real world by working directly with industry stakeholders and subject-matter experts. Petitpas partnered with Ryan Zarkesh of Sandia National Lab who serves as the entrepreneurial lead, and Herie Soto of the Hydrogen Technology Division at Shell Oil Company and Tobias Brunner of Hynergy GmbH, the team’s industry mentors.

“My time with my Lab-Corps team opened my mind about issues like marketing, product viability, profitability, distribution and possible venues for this technology,” Petitpas said. “The Lab-Corps approach is to get participants to talk to as many people as possible, to learn as quickly as possible the current level of use and plans for development of our technology in industry; they call it ‘lean startup.’ Prior to attending the Lab-Corps session, I didn’t know that there were so many companies involved in hydrogen-fuel technology and their levels of participation.”

Petitpas and his team also explored issues facing technology implementation such as system integration of CcH2 with existing transportation technologies and developing a successful business model.

As a follow-on to his team’s Lab-Corps work to promote commercialization of CcH2 technology, Petitpas is applying to two demonstration projects to design, install and operate CcH2 prototype systems on board trucks (medium and heavy duty) to convince stakeholders of the benefits of the technology. “We believe that CcH2 technology can double a truck’s range without adding more space than what today’s technologies offer,” Petitpas said.–(Michael Garrison, https://www.llnl.go,2017)

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Is Now the Right Time to Fall Back?

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This Sunday it’s time to turn back the clock but now  is also the perfect time to fall back to Coaxicom.

As a U.S. Manufacturer, Coaxicom is your reliable and trusted resource for cable assembliesadaptersattenuators, terminations, torque wrenches and as many RF connectors as there are fall leaves in your backyard! SMA, BNC, N, TNC, MCX, SSMB, SSMA, CMS, 7/16 DIN and so many more.

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Spooktacular RF Roulette

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No Tricks…Just a Real Treat!  

Between Now and the Witching Hour Tomorrow…Spin the Wheel for Your Coaxicom Treat…Up to 10% Savings or FREE Coaxicom Welcome Package.

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WANTED: Experienced Sales Rep. Leader for RF/Microwave Manufacturing Company

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Great Company is looking for Great People!

Experienced Sales Rep. Leader for RF/Microwave Manufacturing Company in Stuart, Florida

Please send letter, resume, references to:

Coaxial Components Corp. also known worldwide as Coaxicom, began RF/Microwave manufacturing in 1984 and is looking for an experienced sales representative.  Coaxicom offers a broad line of Inter & Intra Series Adapters; RF Connectors; Attenuators; Terminations; Phase Adjusters; Torque Wrenches and Cable Assemblies. Custom products, specifically designed and engineered to our Customer’s specifications are also available in our Stuart, Florida facility.

As a senior-level sales representative you will work as part of a team to promote and sell manufacturing services and RF/Microwave components product line to existing customers as well as within territories ripe with new opportunity.
Duties and Responsibilities:

Keeps management informed by submitting activity and results reports, such as daily call reports, weekly plans, and monthly territory analyses

Hit and exceed monthly sales targets/performance goals within assigned territories and accounts.
Develop relationships with customers and provide technical, logistics, and support as needed.
Focus on the development of new business

Discover & develop new customers in the Aerospace, Hi-Tech, Medical, Energy, Defense, Telecommunications, Government/Military, Automotive and Consumer Products industries.

Monitor competition. Aware of current marketplace regarding pricing, products, delivery schedules, whenever possible.

Resolve customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; restoring customer trust and preparing reports.


  • Self-confident, persistent, self-starter
  • Motivation for sales
  • Self-confident, persistent, self-starter
  • New customer development
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Sales prospecting
  • Account management CRM knowledge
  • Customer relationship management
  • Quoting within quality, lead time, and cost structure
  • Extremely strong closing skills
  • Ability to see opportunities and add value

Use business savvy and sales expertise to identify decision makers within organizations and target messages appropriately and effectively to build relationships and confidence levels.

Strategic Thinking:
Top level thinker who understands business, and the organization’s competitive position within the industry, in order to adapt/customize  sales approach to meet challenges and opportunities.

Coaxicom believes that creating and facilitating strong working relationships with business customer and suppliers is the key to success. Being a great team player at Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) means contributing to the team’s goals and objectives, giving and receiving feedback openly and positively, and balancing team with individual responsibilities with a willingness to go the extra mile.

Minimum 4-5 years Professional Sales Experience                                                                            Manufacturing knowledge a plus


A minimum of two professional contacts will be requested

No relocation allocation available

Please send cover letter, resume, references to:

1501 SE Decker Ave, Ste 201
Stuart, FL 34994-3958

RF…Can at Times Stand for Relief & Fortitude.

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Cubic Mission Solutions has now deployed its GATR satellite antennas and personnel to support hurricane disaster recovery operations in the US. Working with several of its global disaster relief customers, GATR antennas were deployed on the islands of St. John and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Antigua Barbuda and St. Martin. On the island of St. John, the GATR antenna is providing communications, networking and high-bandwidth internet connectivity via satellite for a local clinic, hospital and pharmacy to ensure medications are refilled for patients on and off the island.

With many hurricane victims displaced and separated from their homes and families, communication lines remain uncertain in the US. Using its GATR antennas, Cubic has been able to help individuals stay connected to family and friends as well as assist the daily operations of medical personnel and first responders.

The GATR 2.4 meter antenna is an inflatable, ultra-portable satellite antenna that can be packed and transported in two cases weighing less than 100 pounds each or less for smaller antennas. It has the capability to provide high-bandwidth communications in extreme environments and can withstand winds up to 75 mph. The antenna’s portability, reliability and ease of setup make it a unique satellite communications (SATCOM) solution for the most critical military, government and first responder missions.

Partnering with customers from military to nongovernmental organizations and international humanitarian aid groups, GATR antennas and support personnel have been deployed in response to natural disasters since 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Additionally, GATR antennas were utilized earlier this month to aid Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts in Houston, Texas.

Coaxicom’s prevailing mission is to provide high quality products at economical prices to ensure uncompromised satisfaction—allowing Customers to focus on operational needs. The entire staff from sales, engineering and QC to shipping understands the importance of adapting to keep pace with Customers’ changing needs. And its Coaxicom’s promise to be the best every day, with each Customer we serve.

What differentiates Coaxicom from all the others?

  • Large piece part inventory in-stock and ready for assembly
  • Short lead times – days not weeks
  • Quote and ship same day, if needed
  • Engineering services
  • Small/low quantity orders accepted
  • Custom piece experts
  • Proprietary designs and packaging
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  • US manufacturer with quality materials
  • Machinists with decades of experience
  • Specialists in hard-to-find or obsolete parts
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Locating the part you need quickly is vital to production, so Coaxicom can cross most competitor’s products and supply a part equivalent easily. Coaxicom’s cable builder can aid in finding the assembly you need or design your own from any combination of in-stock compatible connectors and cables.

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Coaxicom is a proud supplier of RF/Microwave components to Next Computing based in Nashua, New Hampshire for over 3-years.

Next Computing focuses on two core areas of crucial need: Cyber Security and Digital Creation, and the article below authored by Next Computing and Gartner, Inc. is definitely an “eye-opener” and worth a thorough read.

Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States.

The cybersecurity community and major media have largely concurred on the prediction that cyber crime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. Cybersecurity spending is expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2021.

Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $5 billion by the end of 2017, a 15X increase in the past two years. Healthcare organizations are the No. 1 cyber-attacked industry with ransomware attacks expected to quadruple by 2020. This translates to human attacks reaching 4 billion people by 2020. As the world goes digital, humans have moved ahead of machines as the top target for cyber criminals. Microsoft estimates that by 2020, 4 billion people will be online—twice the number that are online now. Today’s hackers smell blood, not silicon.

Cyber crime will more than triple the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs, estimated to reach 3.5 million by 2021. Every IT worker, every technology worker, must be involved with protecting and defending applications, data, devices, infrastructure and people. There is a massive cybersecurity workforce shortage, resulting in an unemployment rate of zero within the industry.

More than a quarter of data breach incidents in 2016 took at least one month for companies to discover, and 1 in 10 went unnoticed for at least a year. These results are compiled from the latest report on data breaches from Verizon’s security research division, which analyzed 1,935 breach incidents reported by 65 organizations. According to the report, nearly two-thirds of the breaches that were discovered in days or less were associated with incidents that are easy to catch, like physical theft or administrative accidents. Breaches that took months or longer to detect largely fell into categories like “cyber-espionage,” “point-of-sale intrusions,” and “privilege misuse.”

Why the big increases in the share of incidents discovered at both the long and the short end of the timescale? The facts are most major industry player tools are expensive and offered as proprietary, single or incomplete solution security tools. They do not mix with other cybersecurity tools effectively enough for a complete security solution. Many of these tools are also very complex and labor intensive to use. They often lack true lossless forensics recovery analysis capabilities in the event of a breach. (content credit and for more information:

Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard, as well as custom microwave and RF connectors all available in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. Proudly serving Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless alternative energy and more. Coaxicom a U.S. manufacturer  is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with RF Connectors, Adapters, Phase Adjusters, Cable Assemblies, Terminations, Attentuators  since 1984. Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable. Learn more about our RF Connectors.

Stake Your Own Claim on Mars With Your Name!

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When it lands on Mars in November of 2018, NASA’s InSight lander will be carrying several science instruments — along with hundreds of thousands of names from members of the public.

In 2015, nearly 827,000 people signed up to add their names to a silicon microchip onboard the robotic spacecraft. NASA is now adding a second microchip, giving the public another chance to send their names to Mars.

New submissions will be accepted through Nov. 1, 2017, at the following link:

“Mars continues to excite space enthusiasts of all ages,” said Bruce Banerdt, the InSight mission’s principal investigator at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “This opportunity lets them become a part of the spacecraft that will study the inside of the Red Planet.”

This fly-your-name opportunity comes with “frequent flier” points reflecting an individual’s personal participation in NASA’s exploration of Mars. These points span multiple missions and multiple decades. Participants who sent their names on the previous InSight opportunity in 2015 can download a “boarding pass” and see their “frequent flier” miles.

As part of this frequent flier program, a chip carrying the names of 1.38 million people also flew aboard the first flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft in 2014. NASA is building Orion to carry astronauts to deep space destinations that will enable future missions to Mars.

An example of a “boarding pass” that members of the public can download by participating in NASA’s Frequent Fliers program. can accumulate “miles” on their boarding pass.

After InSight, the next opportunity to earn frequent flier points will be NASA’s Exploration Mission-1, the first flight bringing together the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft to travel thousands of miles beyond the Moon in preparation for human missions to Mars and beyond.

InSight will be the first mission to explore Mars’ deep interior. The spacecraft will set down a seismometer to detect marsquakes and meteor strikes, using the seismic energy of these phenomena to study material far below the Martian surface. It also will deploy a self-hammering heat probe that will burrow deeper into the ground than any previous device on the Red Planet. These and other InSight investigations will improve our understanding about the formation and evolution of all rocky planets, including Earth. (content credit: Andrew Good, October 3, 2017, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.)

InSight is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in May of 2018. For more information on InSight, visit:

Coaxicom proudly serves Customer  in a variety of  industries including aviation, telecommunications, medical devices, and alternative energies….as well as high tech innovators in aerospace including national labs, NASA,  ESA and the military.  Since 1984, Coaxicom has designed and manufactured precision RF/Microwave components including top performing cable assemblies, all-series of connectorsadapters, phase adjusters, terminations, attenuators, and torque wrenches.


Companies return to Coaxicom again and again because of quality, reliability and the ability to think and design both strategically and practically. Coaxicom’s customer support and engineering staff collaborate with our customers to provide solutions that save time, money and most importantly helps to advance pioneering projects. Get instant access to Coaxicom’s Product Reference Sheet here.