Celebrate the Explorer in All of Us: Columbus Day.

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No matter which side of the Christopher Columbus debate you may be on…. today is a good day to celebrate the wonderlust and curiosity that lives in most of us. 

Throughout history people have always wondered what was beyond the next mountain, ocean, river, or even planet. Explorers are people who have blazed the trail in going to new places, and revealing what is beyond our own line of sight. 

Why People Explore 

The reasons for exploration can vary widely. Most explorers certainly like the adventure of going to a new place, meeting new peoples and cultures, or taking on new challenges. 

Trade – Many countries and rulers funded explorers in order to find new trade partners and goods. In some cases they hope to find new trade routes that would help them to transport goods cheaper than their competitors. This was the case of Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus. 

Science – In many cases, explorers are scientists hoping to learn about nature and new parts of the world. They may be hoping to find a new species of animal or type of plant or soils. 

Land – Many explorers claimed the land they found in the name of their country. Countries like Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain amassed huge empires during the Age of Exploration. 

Challenge – Many explorers want to test their personal limits and be the first in the world to do something. These types of explorers include the men who raced to be the first to the North and South Poles, the top of Mount Everest, and to the Moon. 

Considered by Many The Most Famous Explorers So Far….

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