Climate vs. Cables. How to increase the life of coax cables.

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With the conclusion of the Climate Conference in Paris several weeks ago, it is the perfect time to consider how the environment affects our lives in ways we might not have previously considered. Sure, we are all aware of the major, “big-picture” issues such as carbon emissions and global warming but have you ever thought about the impact climate has on something like your coaxial cables?  Probably not.  Today coaxial cables have a ubiquitous presence in the world and intrinsic to so many industries – from technology and communications to medical equipment, aerospace, defense and even alternative energies.

As we know, coaxial cables can certainly range in price, with some being quite expensive, but we need them all to be durable, reliable and sometimes withstand harsh external conditions.  In view of this, it is first important to buy the highest quality product.  Plus maintenance is often required.  Otherwise cables will deteriorate, fail and need frequent replacement.  By buying from reputable OEM’s like Coaxial Components Corp. with all manufacturing done in the US under strict engineering supervision, the life of your cables and related equipment can be maximized while your costs are minimized.

Here are just a couple of environmental influences that can negatively affect coaxial cables:

  • Humidity and water
  • Heat and sunlight
  • Extreme cold

Although each of these factors will impact cables slightly differently, all can result in corrosion, degraded performance, power loss and ultimately malfunction. To help ensure longevity, efficiency and safeguard against premature replacement, Coaxicom invites you to ask the on-staff Engineering Experts for product recommendations, specifications and tips to preserve the life of your important cables, connectors, assemblies, adapters, and adjusters. Call 866.COAXICOM or  Click here to receive related news and updates from Coaxicom.