Could Your Coax Connectors Be Slowing You Down?

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Although they’re often an afterthought in many applications, coax connectors and adapters play critical roles in maintaining the electrical integrity within these systems. Because the design of coax cable connectors affect how well they transmit signals, it’s critical that every element of your system is best suited to fit your performance requirements.

Why Connectors Matter
Coaxial connectors and cables that aren’t optimized for minimal reflection and loss introduce discontinuities into transmission paths causing significant signal reduction and power loss. These losses can add up substantially creating complete system failure.

What Makes a Superior Connector?

Coaxicom connectors stand out because they’re designed for optimized performance. Unlike standard off-the-shelf cable hardware, Coaxicom connectors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of military and areospace specifications.

Coaxicom coax cable connectors are made to be the best. We provide unique products and an expert cable-building service. In addition to standard connectors, we offer a comprehensive range of adapters, terminators, attenuators, phase adjusters and even the tooling you’ll need to put it all together.

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