Cable Assemblies: Large Inventory is the Key to Success.

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Get Julian Andrew’s take on Coaxicom’s Cable Assembly capabilities. 

When looking for your next cable assembly manufacturer for upcoming projects, it is important to know what options are actually available. Because many manufacturers specialize in only a few types of connectors and even fewer cable variations.

At Coaxicom, you will always find the most common RF connectors for your assembly, but you can also design virtually any type of cable assembly imaginable.

If you are using multiple types of specialized instruments, you may require a proprietary or very particular connections that your average manufacture may not be familiar with at all.

Coaxicom is different because not only does the company manufacture a huge selection of connectors, but can also create a custom cable assembly that is made to order so there is no need to adapt, or “make-shift”  a connection potentially losing quality and reliability.

When you choose U.S. based and globally distributed, Coaxicom as your cable assembly manufacturer there are just limitless possibilities.

Choose a connector type, quantity, cable type, length and you are ready to go with a cable assembly from the best cable assembly manufacturer in America.

The best part is that Coaxicom’s cables assemblies are crafted by experts with decades of experience.

Coaxicom now also features Microwave Distributors Company (MDC) and Midisco inventory as well.

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