Coaxicom Constructs a Vision for the Future… with a Hammer!

May 1, 2017 – STUART, FLORIDA, U.S. – Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) – A leader in manufacturing of RF/Microwave components for over 30-years, Coaxicom is now “hammering-out”  the future of RF manufacturing. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Coaxicom Announces New Construction. 

Coaxicom is about to undergo a “demo/reno refurbishment” over the coming weeks; however, rest assured Coaxicom is well-prepared, ready and able to meet  all RF manufacturing and delivery deadlines. Operations Manager, Julian Andrews, states, “we are confident this new investment will enrich Coaxicom’s capabilities as well as the overall facility for both our customers and employees”. Improvements include an ergonomic floor plan, spacious assembly center, state-of-the-art technology, eco- and energy friendly systems, centralized warehousing, and expanded manufacturing capacity.  We really looked at how we want to operate for the next 10 to 15-years, and we designed to meet that vision, continues Andrews.  Coaxicom products are concepted and manufactured right here in this facility, so the Coaxicom mission is be lean, efficient and forward thinking. Although the planning and permit process started late last year, actual construction will begin soon and is due for completion mid-summer. For more on Coaxicom’s RF products download the Product Reference Sheet or call 1-866-262-9426.

Join Us As We Chronicle the Coaxicom Construction Journey. 

April 12 – Final Planning & Discussion


April 18 & 19 – Cleaning Up & Clearing Out


April 27 & 28 – All Tarped-Up


May 1 & 2 – We May Be Changing The Floor Plan But Never Our Team… Go Fins!

May 3 & 4 – Framed For Success…And Ahead of Schedule


May 9 & 10 – Building Our Stairway to Heaven…And To More Warehousing Space


May 12-16 – Welcome To Our 2nd Floor


May 19 – Turn It On….The Plumbing Begins


May 25-30 – And Let There Be Light…Or At Least the Outlets


June 1-2 – Even Through The Extensive Renovations…Our Coaxicom Customers Always Come First. Manufacturing Continues 24-Hours!


June 12-15 – This Week… It’s All About the A/C! A Very Important Step In Florida.


June 19 & 20 – We Are Raising The Roof & The Walls.


June 26-29 – The Heat is On this Mid-Summer…the Drywall Goes Up & Flooring Nailed Down!


July 3-8 – Taking a Construction Respite for the Holiday and Permitting!

July 12-17 – Counters, Windows & Doors… Oh My!


July 24th – More Permitting, Inspections and Approvals.  We’re Getting Close!

July 31st – And Now Just Some Finishing Touches.

August 1 – And… We’re Done! Whew… And It Looks Great!

August 2 – Let the Packing Begin!


August 5-6 – And Let the Packing Continue….