Coaxicom takes on Punxsutawny Phil for better weather forecasting.

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Since 1887 Punxsutawny Phil is only 39% accurate, but Coaxicom is aiming for 100%.

Coaxicom located in Stuart Florida is a major provider of RF microwave components and custom cable assemblies for military/civilian technologies used to improve air traffic control, marine and air route navigation, as well as the elusive weather predication.

Working with agencies like NOAA and NASA, Coaxicom manufactures top grade, US made connectors, adapters, adjusters, attenuators, and terminators that are all designed to enhance radar, sonar and satellite science.

Recent advancements include the SMAP satellite that measures soil moisture, the microwave sounder ATMS tasked to provide atmospheric temperature profiles at 1°K accuracy, and improved microwave sensors that map ozone concentrations.

Founded over 30 years ago, Coaxicom has earned the trust of both private and government organizations by respecting confidentiality as well as delivering the highest quality parts without delay.

Coaxicom is extremely proud to be a part of improving climate forecasts that includes droughts, floods, storms, energy cycles and more. These forewarnings help scientists monitor and predict weather patterns with greater accuracy and speed, allowing insight into the future and giving  the public more time to prepare and protect themselves.

So Phil watch out, Coaxicom is making a big difference in weather prognostication…. and that’s without a “shadow of a doubt”.