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Phase adjusters, BNC, Cable assemblies

For busy engineers, a fast quote can make all the difference…especially with only a few weeks left in the year.

A fast quote not only means that you can meet your deadline, complete a job and make your customers happy… it also means you don’t need to waste time chasing down costs from reps you may not hear back from for days.

That’s why Coaxicom is offering a 90-minute quote* turnaround, so that you can spend your time on more important things, knowing you’ll get a quote back in less than 2-hours! Specialty, non-standard items may take a little longer.

Whether you’re looking for RF connectors, intra-or inter-series adapters, phase adjusters, terminations, attenuators, torque wrenches, crimp tools or more, if Coaxicom manufactures it…. we’ll put together pricing for you in just 90-minutes!

“Customers know that they can speak to the right person who can answer their questions. And getting speedy answers to pricing requests, inventory checks, and delivery schedules is a huge plus to our customers.” says Operations Manager Julian Andrews.

With a dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team and our 90-minute quote turnaround promise, you can have even more confidence in Coaxicom and 90 more reasons to keep returning!

Coaxicom proudly serves Customers from around the globe in a variety of industries including aerospace, aviation, telecommunications, oil/gas, automotive, medical devices, and alternative energies….as well as high tech innovators in the military and defense arenas. Since 1984, Coaxicom has designed and manufactured precision RF/Microwave components including top performing cable assemblies, all-series of connectorsadapters, phase adjusters, terminations and attenuators, and torque wrenches.


Companies return to Coaxicom again and again because of quality, reliability and the ability to think and design both strategically and practically. Coaxicom’s customer support and engineering staff collaborate to provide innovative solutions that save time, money and most importantly helps to advance these companies pioneering projects. Get instant access to Coaxicom’s Product Reference Sheet here.

*Certain restrictions/limits may apply. Expires: Friday, December 1, 2017.  Please note: Coaxicom will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 23 and 24 for the Thanksgiving holiday.