Why Buy Direct from the RF Source?

As you look for quality RF connectors, cable assemblies, adapters, phase adjusters, and alike, you’ll have a lot  of options. Manufacturers, representatives, distributors, brokers, and even individual sales consultants.  While there are certainly benefits to each….when it’s time to place your order where should you go?

Fact is, as commerce changes, there are several key reasons why many companies now opt to deal with a manufacturer direct. Below are the top factors for looking at a manufacturer first.

Manufacturing facilities located in Stuart, Florida.

Coaxicom’s RF manufacturing facilities located in Stuart, Florida.

Product Experts

  • Manufacturers are the experts on their own products. They know and understand every detail and feature because they see them through every stage of design and production.  At Coaxicom, we know our RF product inside and out. Every detail. From the simplest transition pins to complex and intricate cable assemblies.

Focus on Quality

  • By definition manufacturers make things, while others focus on selling. At Coaxicom the emphasis is on our product. We create each piece at our Florida facility with high-grade materials by some of the finest machinists and engineers in the business, most with over a decade of experience.

Custom Design

  • Purchasing direct from a manufacturer means that the products can be customized according to your precise requirements/specifications. At Coaxicom, the  engineering team is always accessible to collaborate on everything from concept and design to creation and delivery.

Broad Inventory & Fast Delivery

  • Let’s face re-sellers can’t possibly stock every part a manufacturer designs and makes…and as a result, they may need to have the product shipped to them before they can ship it out to you. This can add weeks to delivery.  Coaxicom prides itself on same day quotes and quick turnarounds. Many off-the-shelf pieces can ship within 24-48 hours.

Customer Support/Service 

  • Manufacturers are also in a best position to offer the very best advice to a customer. At Coaxicom each customer has its own customer support specialist, who will listen first, ask questions second and work with a buyer to find the best solution. Whether that results in an order for $120 or $120,000…the goal is always our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Simply stated, at Coaxicom, we provide the selection you need at the prices you want. For over 3 decades, we have designed and manufactured precision components for companies the span the globe—from aviation giants such as Boeing to private universities, the military, defense contractors and small town municipalities. Now we’d like to work with you.

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For more information on product, pricing, special offers and inventory, please visit Coaxicom.com or call  1-866-COAXICOM (866-262-9426) for United States and Canada or international +1 772-287-5000.

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