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Founded in 1984, Coaxicom set out to create top quality RF Adapters that were reasonably priced, unfailingly reliable and met the needs of the era. Since then Coaxicom has continually monitored the trends and evolutions to ensure that Coaxicom’s Adapters are in tune with the need of the 21st century customer. This is particularly true today, where long established connector series (N, TNC, BNC, 874, SMA, etc.) must be mated with less common or more recently introduced interfaces (3.5 mm, 2.9 mm, 2.4 mm, 7/16, SSMA, and SSMB.

True to this promise, Coaxicom, provides a wide range of RF Adapters and coaxial Adapters, to ensure that you’re able to spend time on the details of the project…not searching around for the exact right connector.

Coaxicom of course maintains a large inventory of  the most highly-used components, the Inter and Intra series. Plating/finishing options are: gold, nickel, passivated, and silver. These parts also not only meet, but exceed expectations and military standards. But quality does not solely pertain to the product itself, but also to Coaxicom’s service, technology, and accountability.

Other advantages to working with Coaxicom: 

  • Same day quotes and overnight shipping, if available
  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • Thousands of piece parts in stock and ready for assembly
  • Engineering support
  • Custom proprietary designs and packaging
  • Low quantity orders accepted
  • US manufacturer upon request using top quality materials
  • Specialists in obsolete or hard-to-find pieces

Don’t forget: You also have the ability to Cross Reference products from other manufacturers to quickly provide exact or equivalent replacements often at a lower price and always better quality.

For a quick quote email: or call 866.COAXICOM (262-9426) and our specialists will be happy to help.