Coaxicom’s Between-Series Attenuators

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Coaxicom has also expanded its product line to include cost-effective, space saving fixed coaxial attenuators which also double as type N to SMA adapters. They operate to 18 GHz, and are available in 1-dB increments to 20 dB. Accuracy is +/-0.3 dB to 6-dB, and +/-0.

5 dB to 20-dB. Maximum VSWR is 1.10, 1.20, and 1.30 to 4, 10, and 18 GHz respectively. They are rated for 2 watts average power @ 250 C, and derate linearly to 0.5 watts @ 1250 C. Body and connectors are passivated stainless steel, and conductors are gold-plated beryllium copper.

The part number is 5910–*– **– (dB), where * is the first connector type (NM for N male, or NF for N female), and ** is the second connector type (SM for SMA male, or SF for SMA female). For example, the part number for a 6-dB attenuator with a type N male and a SMA female is 5910–NM–SF– 6. Overall lengths of the units are 1.32” to 1.53”, depending on the connector configuration selected.


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