Coaxicom Connectors and Adapters

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Coaxicom products include a line of 7/16 connectors, designated the Coaxicom 014XXX series, which are used instead of type N in high power, low intermodulation applications. They have a voltage rating of 2700 VRMS, a frequency range of DC to 7.5 GHz, a nominal impedance of 50 W, and are weatherproof. All metal parts in the signal path are silver plated.

The Coaxicom 7/16 series connectors are available as crimp and clamp style plugs and jacks for most RG cables, 0.141 and 0.250 semi-rigid, Times LMR cables, Belden 9913, and other similar cables. Bulkhead and panel mount configurations are available, as well as in series adapters, and 7/16 to type N adapters.

The Coaxicom 014605 pictured is a crimp type connector for RG58 and LMR200 that can be assembled as a straight or right angle plug, reducing inventory costs and simplifying logistics. This versatility is achieved by utilizing a ferrule stud backnut that screws into the connector body from either the side or the rear. A threaded cap is provided for the unused cable entry point. This unique configuration is also available in clamp type plugs, and as clamp and crimp jacks. For information on the connectors and adapters described or other products from Coaxicom’s broad line of connectors, adapters, terminations, attenuators, phase adjusters, torque wrenches and cable assemblies; contact our Sales Department at 866.Coaxicom (262.9426) or via email to .