High-efficiency PAs and transmitters for communications, radar and medical applications.

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The projects in this area are continued work in reducing power consumption in analog front ends with new circuit topologies that give higher efficiency. Our first publications in this area were in 1995, with the first demonstrated microwave-frequency class-E power amplifier.
Our results in X-band and UHF power amplifiers had record published efficiencies, and we are continuing a strong effort in this direction at lower microwave frequencies with increased output power. In this area, my group collaborates with the power electronics and analog electronics group at the University of Colorado at Boulder. New directions that we are expanding in is in maintaining linearity with high efficiency at high power levels, scaling to higher frequencies, increasing the level of integration in advanced materials such as GaN, applying the concept to radar waveforms, etc.Effective contours to high efficiency PA design.
Another related area is intelligent transmitters, which involves sensing, control algorithms, dynamic tuners and dynamic biasing. The tuners can be based on existing electronic technology, or on micro-electromechanical components (RF MEMS) and their packaging and hybrid assembly, and it is a considerable challenge to make these devices practical. An application that would benefit from impedance and supply tuning is in medicine for transmitters used in tumor ablation and blood-vessel sealing. [Research and all content attributed to: University of Colorado, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Microwave and RF Research Group, at https://ecee.colorado.edu/microwave/research.html#Areas2]
Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) – Stuart, Florida
A leader in the RF connector industry for more than 30 years, Coaxicom has developed preeminent research tool
for cross referencing the extensive database of available components. The database encompasses product lines from Americon, AEP, AMP, Amphenol, CDI, Huber Suhner, ITT Pomona, Ma-Com, Military, Omni-Spectra, Pasternack, Radiall, Sealectro, Solitron, SV Microwave, and Tyco and dates back to the early 1970s.
The database of RF connector components includes BNC, SMA, TNC, SSMA, type-N, and all SSMB series. In addition, SMB, SMC, MCX and MMCX connectors are included.  The company continues to provide innovative solutions for complex microwave and RF challenges for customers both large and small and throughout the world.

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