How Coaxicom is saving you $’s at the pump

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A company founded on innovation and sustained by enterprising vision, Coaxicom answered the demands of the oil and gas industry by developing peak performance SMA and SSMA connectors. Plus new stainless steel TNC and BNC products now provide even more options. All are engineered and configured to withstand extreme temperature, stress, and impact-conditions so prevalent in extraction and processing. Coaxicom is a full service shop that not only specializes in design, development, manufacturing and testing but also complete customer support. Coaxicom’s standard front/rear mount bulkheads feature rugged and fluid resistant construction making it ideal for high velocity exploration work. Other connectors such as SSMB, N, and C vary in orientation and finishes including passivated, nickel and gold. For oil and gas, improved components mean higher efficiency, and lower cost overruns that helps to stabilize productivity and eventually your average price per gallon at the pump.

Based in Florida, Coaxicom serves customers globally and is committed to providing outstanding service, and value with made in the USA RF/Microwave products. Other benefits include warehousing, rapid delivery and one of the most advanced cross reference tools in the business. Coaxicom’s comprehensive database encompasses product lines from Americon, AEP, AMP, Amphenol, CDI, Huber Suhner, ITT Pomona, Ma-Com, Military, Omni-Spectra, Pasternack, Radiall, Sealectro, Solitron, SV Microwave, and Tyco and dates back to the early 1970s.