Easily Identify a Connector’s Gender

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SMA Male connector for semi rigid cable assembly

The gender of connectors is selected according to rigid rules, to enforce a sense of one-way directionality (e.g. a flow of power from one device to another). This gender distinction is implemented to enhance safety or ensure proper functionality by preventing unsafe or non-functional configurations from being set up.

Transition Contact Pin

Coaxicom Contact Pin

“Did you know” the easiest way to identify the gender of any RF connector is to look at the contact (center-pin). If it is a probe (right end of pic) it is a male (plug). If it is a slotted socket it is a female (jack).

This is the easiest way to identify the< MCX, MMCX, SMC, SSMC, SMB, SSMB, CMS and SCMS series of connectors. SMA Male Straight Connector – Click below for specs and drawings. 

3201-2A-1 – Gold

3202-2A-9 – Passivated

SMA Female Straight Connector – Click below for specs and drawings.

3000-1 – Gold

3183-3-9 – Passivated 

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