Look Beyond the “RG” Number to Find the Right Coaxial Cable

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“RG” means “Radio Guide” and was the original military specification for coax cable back in the thirties. Coaxial Cable RG Numbers are generally just an indicator of size. The actual performance of two different RG6 coax cables can be very different. Most RG numbers refer to cables made with specific diameters. Thicker diameters typically have lower attenuation over long lengths, but also may vary in shielding, jacket type, and dielectric type. The important thing to know is what frequency signals are being transmitted through the cable, and then take an in-depth look at the detail of the cable specifications. Here’s a look at a few of the most commonly used coaxial cables.


Coaxial Cable DiagramRG6 Coax Cable
RG6 is one of the most common coax cables. Most of the coax cables used in homes to connect internet and TV are RG6 coax cable. This version of coax is widely used to transmit cable TV signals in homes, CCTV circuits and can transmit high bandwidth making it great as internet cable as well. RG6 coax cable is a cost-effective way to install a CCTV circuitry or set up wireless networks in small offices or apartment buildings.

RG8 Coax Cable
RG8 Coax Cable is a military grade coaxial cable. This wiring is composed of a bare copper wire with a solid low-density polyethylene dielectric and a black PVC jacket. Furthermore, our RG8 coax cable has solid protection due to its single bare copper shield within its interior. This product is capable of operating within temperatures ranging from -40°C and +80°C, allowing the cable to be used in a variety of situations. With its military-grade specifications, as approved through MIL-C-17, RG8 coax cable has a maximum operating voltage of 4,000 volts.

RG11 Coax Cable
RG11 coax cable consists of a tinned copper conductor that is resistant to corrosion and can handle a maximum of 4,000 volts. This conductor is shielded in order to reduce interference and increase durability while retaining the cable’s ability to quickly transfer data. On the outside, the cable is protected by a Type I PVC jacket in order to adhere to the military’s MIL-C-17 specifications. Its jacket is able to protect our RG11 from temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C. This coax cable’s military equivalent is M17/6-RG11. RG11 is typically used to transmit various types of data, including radio and video signals. Its durability also allows it to be extremely useful in situations that involve direct burial and harsh weather without risk of abrasion. However, according to MIL-C-17, its Type I PVC jacket is contaminating which means that it may weaken with age.

RG23A Coax Cable
RG23A Coax Cable is a military grade coaxial cable. The internals of this wire are unique due to the fact that it has two separate bare copper conductors. The insulation for these conductors are solid, low-density polyethylene insulation with two cores. There are also two shields as well as a PVC jacket to completely wrap this RG23A Coax Cable together. Rated for -40°C to +80°C and 3,000 maximum volts during operation, this product meets MIL-C-17 specifications.

RG174 Coax Cable
RG174 Coax Cable is 50 ohm coax cable used in a vast array of commercial applications, such as sending data signals in GPS and WAN/LAN networks. With a temperature maximum of 80°C, RG 174 loss cable also features a small, flexible diameter. Click on the links below to learn more about the different features of RG-174 cable.

RG316 Coax Cable
RG316 coax cable can be used in direct burial, radiofrequency and telecommunications applications. Often used for the transmission of radio frequency signals, RG316 cable can also be used in wireless communication, broadcast and military equipment. RG316 coax may also be used for high-frequency interconnections between PCB in telecommunications equipment. RG-316 cable is a good choice for applications like these which require good performance and stability in high-temperature environments and superior phase stability, or for applications in demanding environments or with minimal installation space. RG316 is a high-performance coaxial cable that is in accordance with MIL-DTL-17 specifications. The M17 part associated with coax RG316 is M17/113-RG316.

RG400 Coax Cable
The RG400 is a high temperature coaxial cable is used in a vast array of military and commercial applications. With a high temperature maximum of 200°C, in line with other coax cables like the RG142 Cable. This allows installation in heat sensitive environments. M17/128-RG400 is the military equivalent to the RG400 cable. The testing of the RG400 and other military coax cables are very rigorous and the specifications even more so. The RG 400 manufacturers are required to test attenuation and structural return loss by sweeping 22 different 50-ohm cables over the frequency band for which their use is recommended. The RG400 cable is also used for tactical operations and aerospace technology

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