New invention! Wi-Fi that doesn’t consume your phone battery!

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A team of engineers from the US managed to create Wi-Fi transmissions that consume up to 10,000 times less energy than the conventional methods, which practically means you can use the internet on your phone with sacrificing the battery. Also, the great news is, that this technology can be implemented in the current generation of smartphones.

This new Wi-Fi technology, created at the Washington State University, managed to operate at a speed of 11 Mb/s, which is not much for now, but the engineers are working on ways to increase the speed while keeping the same energy efficiency.

Shyam Gollakota , a member of the engineering team, says that “We wish to see if we could make Wi-Fi transmissions while using almost no electric energy. This is what Passive Wi-Fi can achieve with 10,000 less energy than normal Wi-Fi.”

This Wi-Fi system works a bit differently than the usual one. It splits the analog signal from the digital one and relegates all the analog RF functions towards a single device connected to an energy source.

This device generated the Wi-Fi signal, using a series of sensors, and the packages are reflected and absorbed by a digital “switch”, knows as the Passive Wi-Fi device, which runs with almost zero electrical energy.

The Passive Wi-fi then transmits the information to a router or a smartphone, which receives it by consuming just 15-60 microwatts , a value 10,000 times lower than what is necessary right now. In everyday life these systems could communicate with smartphones in a 30-meter range.
(content credit: Jeanette Walsh – December 12, 2016,, Hi-Tech)

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