Cable Assembly

Teresa Elliott – Renews Her IPC Specialist Certification for Another Two Years!

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A big congratulations to Teresa Elliott for having successfully completed the Application Specialist Course of Study on the Requirements for the Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies. The 2-day course was held at the Eptac Center in nearby Palm Bay, Florida where Teresa earned her renewal certification, with flying colors which also encompassed additional modules: wires […]

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RF Testing & Application

What is RF Testing? Why is it important?

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What is RF Testing? Why is it important? RF is short for radio frequency.  RF is any frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio wave propagation. When an RF current is supplied to an antenna, an electromagnetic field is created that then is able to propagate through space. Many wireless technologies are based on […]

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Monday Morning Blues as ‘WannaCry’ Cyberattack Hits at Workweek’s Start.

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The worldwide “ransomware” cyberattack spread to thousands of more computers on Monday as people logged in at work, disrupting business, schools, hospitals and daily life, though no new large-scale breakdowns were reported. In Britain, whose health service was among the first high-profile targets of the attack Friday, some hospitals and doctors’ offices were still struggling […]

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Welcome to Light Bulb Hell

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How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is “one,” but maybe the question should be changed to: How many engineers does it take to choose a replacement light bulb? Today, it actually requires an engineer’s knowledge. It used to be easy to buy a light bulb. You simply noted […]

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What Makes Coaxicom So Different?

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Coaxicom Connecting Customers with Quality Components for Over 30-Years. Click Image to Play  Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard, as well as custom microwave and RF connectors all available in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. We have proudly served Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless […]

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5G Bytes: Millimeter Waves Explained.

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(Scroll down for video)  There’s been a lot of buzz and media coverage about the arrival of 5G…so let’s separate the truth from fiction.  High-frequency millimeter waves will greatly increase wireless capacity and speeds for future 5G networks. Today’s mobile users want faster data speeds and more reliable service. The next generation of wireless networks—5G—promises […]

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Cable Assembly

A 30-Second Insight Into What It Takes To Create A Quality Cable Assembly

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See how it should be done. At Coaxicom, cable assemblies are not just mass produced, they are handcrafted. Based in Florida, Coaxicom is a leading manufacturer of RF/Microwave components including standard, custom, low loss and high-performance cable assemblies.  With certified assemblers, engineering oversight and QC review, your order of will perform reliably year after year…making […]

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Coaxicom Reverse Polarity

Reverse Polarity Connectors Are Here To Stay.

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Coaxial Components Corp. (best known as Coaxicom) – Stuart, Florida. April 18, 2017 – Recently we have noticed a significant increase in interest and inquiries regarding our reverse polarity connectors, in particular the SMA reverse polarity connector. It seems that many in the telecommunications, network and wireless industries are using these R.P. connectors for either […]

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