The next 2-weeks can be a very stressful time.

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For buyers who rely on sourcing RF products overseas…the next 2-weeks is a very stressful time.

The disruption caused by the Chinese holiday can often cause headaches here in the United States. And no matter how much you plan and prepare inevitably there seems to always be supply delays, miscommunication or last minute urgencies.

But this year there is no need to worry.  Coaxial Components Corp. (best known as Coaxicom) is located in Stuart, Florida and ready to step in to deliver. Quality RF/Microwave components are in-stock and ready to ship in days. Coaxicom also provides engineering and customer support in a variety of ways via email, phone, fax, online chat, or even a scheduled Skype conference.

Plus offers a broad spectrum of components, an easy to use cable builder, and cross reference tools which many engineers and buyers alike find indispensable.

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So no more unanswered emails. No more endless automated phone prompts. No more navigating pages of website clutter.  No more waiting for weeks.

Coaxicom has also skillfully fused technology with talent­ to become a trusted “one-stop-shop” – whether you have a 25,000-piece order or just looking for product advice.

So while your current vendors may be celebrating the new year, maybe it’s time to consider a manufacturer closer to home.

Coaxicom is here to serve you today with competitive pricing, no import fees, same day quoting, low volume orders and superior quality as certified by the NSF-ISR in Quality Management of the Design and Manufacture of Coaxial Components and Cable Assemblies.

For information on Coaxicom’s RF/Microwave products including connectors, phase adjusters, adapters, terminations, attenuators, DC blocks, torque wrenches and pins, or to request a quote, visit, call 1-866-262-9426 or email us at  Check out Coaxicom’s special offer on select bulk purchases here.

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