Connectors - 7/16

Coaxicom’s 7/16 DIN connectors are intended as replacements for N connectors in high power, low intermodulation applications, particularly communication systems. Large and more rugged than N connectors, they employ M29 x 1.5 metric screw type couplings and have a peak voltage rating of 2,700 VRMS. They will operate up to 7.5 Gz, have a nominal characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm and are weather proof. Inner and outer conductors are silver plated to minimize intermodulation distortion. our 7/16 DIN connectors also feature phosphor bronze female contacts for lower contact resistance and better repeatability. The 014038-XX-4 and the 014039-XX-4 are unique connectors that can be assembled as a straight or right-angle plug, reducing inventory and simplifying logistics. This is accomplished by a backlit that screws into the connector body from either the side or the back.

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