Connectors - BNC

Coaxicom BNC connectors are miniature units that feature a quick disconnect 2-study bayonet lock coupling mechanism. They are available in a variety of flexible and semi-rigid cable termination styles. Bulkhead and panel-mount cable connectors and receptacles are also featured, as well as straight and right-angle PCB jacks. Most connectors are available in 75 Ohm by adding a -75 suffix to the end of the part number. We can also supply reverse polarized connectors, bulkhead mounted hermetically sealed adapters as well as bulkhead adapters with isolated ground. Coaxicom also offers a selection of twin axial (TWBNC) BNC type connectors with 2-stud coupling. They are similar in size to BNC connectors and are best suited for use with RG 108/U and similar cables. Twinaxial connector have a nominal impedance of 78 Ohm and a frequency range of DC-500 MHz. All other specifications are the same as this of standard BNCs.

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