Connectors - N

Coaxicom’s Type N connectors are medium size, moderate power handling, 50 Ohm impedance connectors with a 5/8″ -24 threaded coupling. The standard series provides excellent electrical and mechanical performance for critical applications up to 11 GHz. They find particular use in rack-and-panel systems to provide the interface between the smaller coaxial connectors used inside the equipment and the more robust external connector and cable requirements.

When properly mated, Coaxicom Type N Connectors provide a weatherproof connection. Many are available in revers polarized and reverse threaded configurations. They are also available as plugs and jacks for common RG cables, as well as for many in the Andrew, Cablewave, Eupen, and Times LMR families. Panel and bulkhead mount receptacles are available as well as intra-series adapters and well matched transitions to other series, including 7/16 DIN.

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