Connectors - SMZ

Coaxicom SMZ 75 Ohm connectors are designed to provide a well-matched system impedance for critical telecommunication and CATV applications. The SMZ is a nap-on series with an interface similar to, but larger than the SMB series. These connectors are rated to 2 GHz, but have been successfully used to above 4 GHz. Coaxicom’s 75 Ohm connectors are most often used with the 75 Ohm cables, RG 174 ,RG 179, RG 187, RG188, 315, LMR 100, LMR 100A. Within the series adapters are available in both snap on and screw on configurations. users may specify the finish for connectors and adapters as either nickel plated (-7) or golf plated (-1).

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