Connectors - TNC

COAXICOM’s TNC connectors are medium size, 50 Ohm impedance connectors with a 7/16-28 threaded coupling. The industry standard TNC series operates to 11 GHz, but COAXICOM also features precision connectors and adapters to 15 GHz, and the TNC type A interface that operates to 18 GHz. TNC connectors have wide application in rackand-panel systems and to provide interconnections between subsystems. When properly mated, COAXICOM TNC connectors provide a weather proof interface. many are available in reverse polarized and reverse threaded configurations.

COAXICOM’s TNC connectors are available as plugs and jacks for the common RG flexible, and semi rigid cables as well as for the Times LMR family of low loss communication band cables. Panel and bulkhead mount receptacles are available as well as intra-series adapters including isolated bulkhead feed throughs. A full complement of between series adapters is also standard. Contact factory for connectors and/or cable groups not shown.

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