An Eye Opener: Lowering Healthcare Costs Starts with the Smallest Component.

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Medical markets demand the highest levels of trust, and quality.

At Coaxial Components Corp. (best known as Coaxicom) the RF and Microwave components ranging the spectrum from SMA Connectors,  Adapters, and Attenuators to Cable Assemblies, Phase Adjusters  and Terminations can be found at some of the most prestigious national labs, research centers and medical facilities in the US and internationally.

Coaxicom parts are all made in the USA under a microscope of engineer and quality control oversight to ensure precise use in select medical devices aimed to improve globe healthcare.  Of course, this is especially important for medical equipment that perform critical functions such as those that are life-supporting as well as telehealthcare, helping physicians work with patients who have geographic limitations.

The results of these technologies improve patient care, diagnostic speed, cure deliveries and subsequently lowers cost. 

Certified by the NSF-ISR in the Quality Management of the Design and Manufacture of Coaxial Components and Cable Assemblies, Coaxicom not only conforms but exceeds the ISO-9001 & AS9100 standards.  Click for certifications.

Both engineers and customer support specialists at Coaxicom work intensively with each firm, on each project to determine the best design, and durability level required for the RF/Microwave component to best serve each medical device/ system.

When you work with organizations dedicated to helping people, “it is vital that quality comes first” says one Coaxicom team leader. “We take that responsibility seriously and pride ourselves in our indirect efforts to move healthcare forward.

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Coaxicom Mission Statement

Coaxicom’s mission is to provide high quality, made in America products at economical prices and ensure uncompromised Customer satisfaction. Coaxicom’s extensive resources enable you, our Customer, to focus on your operational needs. At Coaxicom, we understand the importance of adapting our services on an ongoing basis to keep pace with our Customers’ changing needs. We continually strive to be the best every day, with each Customer we serve.

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