Fit It and Forget It RF Connectors

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Quality RF Connectors

For over 35-years, Coaxial Components Inc, also known as Coaxicom has supplied RF and microwave components to the military and approved government contractors for such varied and experimental applications as alternative energy, space exploration, and unmanned vehicles. While research and development in these areas are at the top of the marquee, each presents unique challenges when it comes to accessibility and longevity. Tough conditions like extreme terrain, pressure, temperatures, humidity, and oxidation are real concerns when building the next generation of technologies. For example, many solar panels and wind capturing turbines are difficult to access and need to withstand extreme dust and heat, while space probes require a durable defense against radiation and sub zero cold.  In both of these applications as well as many others, it is critical to design and manufacture solutions that not only sustain a long life-cycle but also requires very minimal maintenance. Coaxicom, based in Stuart, Florida helps fulfill this need by manufacturing connectors designed to fit it and forget it.  With emphasis on high-performance and very  low-upkeep, Coaxicom’s SMA, SSMA connectors such as the Straight Plug, Straight Jack, Flange Mount and Bulkhead perform up to 18 GHZ and can used with flexible, ultra-flex, and semi-ridge coaxial cable. Type N connectors are medium size, and provide a tight waterproof connection  for applications up to 11 GHZ.  Many are also available in reverse polarization and hermetic seals. BNC connectors are miniature units that feature a quick disconnect 2-stud lock coupling mechanism.  Also available:  SSMB, SSMC, TNC, MCX, MMCX and CMS (Slide on) series.

Unlike many of its competitors, Coaxicom  works in partnership with customers to create custom pieces that are designed to meet exact specifications-military or commercial. AS9100C  and ISO9001-certified Coaxicom also makes each component in the United States under engineer oversight and boasts the shortest lead time in the industry.

For detailed information on the perfect fit connectors, attenuators, phase adjusters, adapters, terminations, cable assemblies, dust caps, or torque wrenches contact Customer Support at, 1-866-262-9426, or quick chat us on the website