There’s a Clear Choice for Telecom Companies.

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The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of change due to ongoing technological advances, and the ever-evolving regulatory environment. Successful companies must be able to adapt rapidly to this dynamic environment. And in order to adjust to this new reality, a reliable partner is not just helpful…it is necessary. That’s where Coaxicom comes into the picture.

Founded nearly 40-years ago, Coaxicom is certified by the NSF-ISR (Quality Management Systems) in the design and manufacture of Coaxial Components and Cable Assemblies. (ISO-9001 & AS9100). 

But it goes way beyond just certifications, Coaxicom’s engineers, machinists, and assembliers are among the best, most of them in high-demand and with decades of experience. It’s for this reason, Coaxicom enjoys an exceptional track record in the RF/Microwave industry, particularly in the telecom market with a customer list that includes CommScope, ADC, Emhiser, Skywave, Neo Telecommunications, as well as The United States Navy and Air Force.

Leveraging this type of experience, Coaxicom is more apt to address challenges and solve problems quickly. And unlike many of the “bigger brands” Coaxicom is accessible and flexible. Customers can actually reach Coaxicom engineers and support staff for collaboration. Plus, Coaxicom is uniquely-known for thousands of “delivery-ready” piece parts but also for the ability to create proprietary products custom-made to rigorous specifications.

Top sellers within the telecom arena are part numbers #8131, the SMC Right Angle Male-Jack Bulkhead, #3118 SMA Straight Female Bulkhead Receptacle and the #9825,Straight Male Chassis just to name a few.

Coaxicom offers a broad line of SMA, SSMA, 3.5mm, BNC, N and TNC, as well as 50 & 75 Ohm Snap, Screw and Slide-on SMB, SMC, SSMB, SSMC and many other types. Also featured is a large selection of Inter & Intra Series Adapters; RF Connectors; Attenuators; Terminations; Phase Adjusters; Torque Wrenches and Cable Assemblies.

The choice is crystal clear, call (866) 262-9426 or visit for more information about how Coaxicom can manufacture success for your organization. To request a Welcome Package including a 90-page catalog, please complete the fields below.

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