Coaxicom’s Microminature Connectors.

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Coaxicom offers a complete line of SSMB, SSMC, and SCMS (slide-on SSMB) series connectors to complement our standard SMB, SMC, and CMS (slide-on SMB) series.

These Microminature connectors provide the same mating design as the SMB, SMC, and CMS series with approximately a one-third size reduction, and operate to 12.4 GHz with high reliability. All feature gold-plated brass bodies.

The SSMB (6MXXX) and SSMC (8MXXX) series are available in straight and right angle cable plugs and jacks, and bulkhead jacks. P.C. board plugs and jacks, and straight panel receptacles are also available, as well as in-series jack-to-jack adapter. The SCMS series (9MXXX) is available in straight and right angle plugs, bulkhead receptacles, and straight and right angle P.C. board plugs.

Download a catalog here. 

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