Coaxial Cable Connectors & Assemblies


Coaxicom manufacturers a broad line of standard and custom flexible, semi-rigid and ultra-flex coax cable assemblies. Low loss, high performance cables, as well as ruggedized cable assemblies suitable for production environments are also available. Standard and custom flexible cable assemblies can be supplied using virtually all of the common RG and LMR type cables. We also manufacture assemblies using industry standard cables such as the Times LMR® series and application-specific cables from Belden. Virtually all connector series and combinations are offered consistent with the size of the cable selected.

Coax Cable Specs


For quoting purposes, initial assembly part numbers for flexible cable can be generated by the customer using the following format: XXXX-YYY-ZZZZ-L. XXXX and ZZZZ are the first 4 digits of connector part numbers shown in the Coaxicom catalog below. YYY is the 2 or 3 digit RG or other cable destination. L equals the cable length in inches. For example, an RG316 cable, 36″ long with an SMA male plug on one end, and an SMB plug on the other end would be designated as 3089-316-6423-36. For reverse polarity connectors, add “RP” suffix to the connector part number. For connectors not shown in the catalog, contact the factory at


The Coaxicom cable assembly department manufactures semi-rigid and ultra-flex cable assemblies from user supplied sketches, prints or bent samples to facilitate fast turnaround. Our semi-rigid cables utilize MIL-C-17 approved materials with a soft OFHC copper outer jacket to allow the cable to be formed and reformed after the connectors have been installed. Tin-plated or silver-plated copper jackets, as well as aluminum jackets are also available. Ultra-flex hand-formed alternate to semi-rigid. It offers the same electrical characteristics as the corresponding semi-rigid, but the solid outer j jacket is replaced with a copper-tin filled braid. This results in an extremely flexible assembly which can be shaped and reshaped by hand without tooling. Both semi-rigid and lira-flex cable assemblies are vavailable in all standard diameters from .047″ to .325″. Coaxicom also manufactures .085″ and .141″ diameter phase adjustable semi-rigid or ultra-flex cable assemblies, using the 3993 series of adjustable SMA male connectors.

Part number construction for standard semi-rigid and ultra-flex cable assemblies is similar to that described for flexible assemblies. A 24″ assembly using .141″ semi-rigid with an SMA jack on one end and a phase adjustable SMA plus on the other end is 3183-402-3993-24. The same assembly using .141″ ultra-flex is a 3183-402UF-3993-24.

SMA cable plus for .141″ semi-rigid cable are available with or without a center contact. The 3183 connector was chosen over the 320 connector for the above assembly because it uses the cable center conductor as the male contact pin to provide optimum performance by minimizing discontinuities. The same is true using .085″ semi-rigid with the SSMA plus.


Coaxicom high performance cables include low loss designs for receiving systems and high power low loss types for transmission applications. We also offer durable assemblies for use in challenging production test environments. Summarized above are examples of Coaxial Components coax cable assemblies. They are available using all the appropriate connector series including Type N, BNC, TNC, SMA, 7/16 DIN, 7mm, 3.5mm, 2.9mm and 2.4mm consistent with the frequency of operation.