SMA Connector Specifications


SMA connectors are semi-precision coaxial RF connectors developed in the 1960s as a minimal connector interface for coaxial cable with a screw-type coupling mechanism. The connector has a 50 Ω impedance. Coaxicom’s SMA connectors are manufactured to have excellent performance up to 18 GHz. Below you will find many types that are used for flexible, ultra-flex and semi-rigid coaxial cable as launchers into striplines or microstrips. They are also used as receptacles or bulkhead on panel and PCB printed circuit boards. Also included are hermetically sealed devices and intra-series adapters.
Gold-plated stainless steel or passivated (stainless finish) versions are standard in order to meet the finish and corrosion requirements of MIL-PRF-39012. Passivated stainless still is specified with a suffix of -9 (soldering areas are gold plated as necessary). A suffix of -1 indicates gold plating. Were nickel plating is available, the suffix is -7.
Interface dimensions as well as all other applicate requirements are in accordance with MIL-PRF-39012 and other military standards where the needs exists.


MIL-PRF-39012, MIL-A-55339, MIL-C-83517 and MIL-STD-348 as applicable.
SMA Spec Chart
SMA Interface Dimensions