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Fixed Attenuators are usually connectorized or available in a surface mount package. They are passive attenuators that provide a fixed attenuation level and have a number of attenuation levels available.

Fight the Power with an Attenuator!

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All devices require a certain amount of energy, but sometimes you are working with multiple devices that have various power requirements. This can create a difficult situation, unless you have a Coaxicom attenuator!

An attenuator is the opposite of an amplifier; it reduces the power between connections, making low power instruments compatible with its higher powered counter parts.

The reasons are clear why you should make sure you have the proper attenuators in your arsenal of connections and adapters. You never want to run the risk of damaging an instrument by delivering an excessive surge.  Too much power can ruin an entire piece of very expensive hardware. You also don’t always want to buy new often costly cable connections rated for less power.

Bottom line, an attenuator serves as both a long or short term solution and will save money along the way.

Coaxicom attenuators are made in the U.S.A. using top grade materials. By using a quality and reliable attenuator, you can maximize the performance of your equipment without having to stock up on multiple cables and other components.

There are myriad attenuator types to choose from, so make certain you are knowledgeable on the power specs for your instruments. If you need a little help, Coaxicom engineers are available and will collaborate to solve any issue or answer any question.

Additional products include attenuator kits, as well as DC blocks, GPO, flange mount and Type N attenuators. Coaxicom also offers attenuators to 300-watts.

For more information, RFQ or find the nearest distributor, contact the Coaxicom:
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Coaxicom US Manufacturing

Woman-owned US Manufacturer of Coaxial Cable Connectors, Adapters, Attenuators, Terminations and Cable Assemblies.

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Which of today’s emerging technologies will soon solve big problems… see if you agree.

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5 Greatest Breakthroughs in 2016!

1. Robots That Teach Each Other

What if robots could figure out more things on their own and share that knowledge among themselves?

2. Solar City’s Gigafactory

A $750 million solar facility in Buffalo will produce a gigawatt of high-efficiency solar panels per year and make the technology far more attractive to homeowners.

3. Tesla Autopilot

The electric-vehicle maker sent its cars a software update that suddenly made autonomous driving a reality.

4. Power from the Air

Internet devices powered by Wi-Fi and other telecommunications signals will make small computers and sensors more pervasive.

5. Conversational Interfaces

Powerful speech technology from a leading Internet company in China makes it much easier to use your smartphone.

[Full article can be found:https://www.technologyreview.com/lists/technologies/2016/ ]


While Coaxicom remains a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave connectors along with adapters, terminations, attenuators, phase adjusters and cable assemblies, there are other key advantages of working with us.

What makes Coaxicom not only different but better:

  • Thousands of piece parts in-stock and ready for assembly
  • Knowledgeable customer support
  • Low quantity orders accepted
  • Obsolete and hard-to-find parts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short lead time with delivery often in days
  • Custom designs
  • Flexible warehousing options
  • Full access to engineering support
  • Made in the USA
  • Complimentary samples
  • Advanced cross reference tool and cable builder
  • AS9100C and ISO9001 certified

For a quote or to check on inventory, pricing and lead times, call 1-866-COAXICOM or email:Sales@Coaxicom.com.

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Coaxicom Praises SwRI’s Advancements in Mobile Autonomous Robotics Technology.

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San Antonio – June 14, 2016 – (www.swri.org/) – Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), a leading developer of high performance automated driving algorithms and unmanned systems, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its Mobile Autonomous Robotics Technology Initiative during the recent Eurosatory trade show.

Since 2006, SwRI has automated 15 vehicle platforms — from Class VIII tractor trailers and tactical military vehicles to passenger cars and golf carts — with automated driving systems deployed on four continents and seven countries, including Afghanistan.

“Our unique unmanned systems technologies enable automated vehicle deployment in support of military troops and support personnel in a variety of environments around the world,” said Ryan Lamm, R&D director in SwRI’s Automation and Data Systems Division.

At Eurosatory, SwRI will demonstrate technologies that enable reliable perception of humans and roadway obstacles in addition to showcasing algorithms for traversing roadways without GPS.

SwRI’s modular perception systems detect and classify humans, vehicles, and other objects with dynamic scene understanding of complex environments for roadway and off-road applications.

SwRI also will display its patented Ranger localization solution. A 2015 R&D 100 innovation award winner, Ranger enables precise navigation for automated vehicles by utilizing ground-facing cameras and custom SwRI algorithms. The system images the unique “fingerprint” of road surfaces. Algorithms match thousands of distinguishing ground features, such as aggregate, cracks and road markings, to corresponding features collected and stored in a map.

Its camera-based approach with controlled illumination allows for precise automated driving within 2 centimeters, similar to the most accurate (and most expensive) GPS systems, during daytime or night, and in rain and foggy weather conditions. Ranger also operates in areas where GPS has poor performance or fails completely, offering custom capability for military and commercial fleet vehicles.

“Ranger offers the defense sector numerous advantages in operational capability for deployment of unmanned assets in remote locations where GPS is disabled or unavailable,” said Dr. Kristopher Kozak, a principal engineer in SwRI’s Automation and Data Systems.

Coaxicom based in Stuart, Florida designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard, as well as custom microwave and RF connectors all available in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. Serving customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless alternative energy and more. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with our made in the USA RF Connectors including RF Adapters and all series of coax connectors, and cable assemblies since 1984. Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable. Learn more about Coaxicom and  RF Connectors here.

Why 50 Ω Connectors?

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All over the world, the predominant impedance for RF/microwave coaxial transmission lines and connectors is 50 Ω. Here is why….

50 ohm stdThe theoretical impedance for minimum attenuation is 77.5 Ω while the maximum power transfer is 30 Ω. The average of these two impedances is 53.75 Ω (rounded off to 50 Ω). Therefore, 50 Ω is a compromise between the minimum attenuation and maximum power transfer in a coaxial transmission line, and that is why it was selected. There are connectors available with other impedances, the next most popular impedance being 75 Ω (approximate minimum attenuation performance) that is in fairly wide use internationally and in long line communication systems.



How To Find a Quality Attenuator

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Are you searching for quality attenuators? Confused about the options that are available to you? Fortunately, Coaxicom has made it easy to purchase quality attenuators for almost any power reduction requirement.

What Sets Coaxicom Apart

You have many choices when it comes to purchasing attenuators online, and quality will impact the success of your projects efforts. Here are the reasons that you should choose Coaxicom for attenuators.


• Coaxicom provides a full range of attenuators that are ideal for most all of your power reduction needs. There are many options available to find the right attenuator for you.

• All of the products that are available through Coaxicom are made in the United States to ensure strict quality standards are followed.

• While Coaxicom provides the highest quality products possible, customers do not have to pay a premium for this quality. Attenuators are offered at competitive prices.

• Custom products are available according to each customer’s specific needs. Customers are given the opportunity to contact a friendly customer service or engineering representative to discuss their unique needs.