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Coaxial RF connectors (radio frequency) are designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. RF connectors are typically used with coaxial cables and are designed to maintain the shielding that the coaxial design offers.

Expanded InStock inventory of RF Electronics

STUART, FLORIDA – In Q4 2018, Coaxial Components Corp began its quest to substantially grow its market share of the global RF electronics industry. The 30-year old company was purchased by its long-term executive team along through its new partnership with HaasTech Capital. The acquisition also included the assets of Microwave Distributors Company and MIDISCO, two industry leading distributors once owned by Coaxicom’s founder who bundled the assets into the transaction.

Since the December acquisition, the company has secured contracts with a key supplier to major telecom companies in their race to develop a nationwide 5G wireless network. The company’s growth plan also includes increased revenue from the availability of the MDC and MIDISCO inventory, leading to the expansion of the company’s Florida operations.

Electrical engineer David House, joined the Coaxial Components Corp from his most recent post at Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy and Transportation Group. “David’s expertise in engineering will enable us to provide our customers with engineering solutions and product knowledge at the highest level possible,” says Donna Haas, Owner & Managing Director. “He will interface with project engineers at all phases of RF design”.

Scott Arensman relocated to the South Florida Coaxicom division, bringing with him a wealth of corporate sales experience. Haas adds, “Scott brings 30 years of consultative sales experience in working with engineer and design teams. Coaxicom will continue to recruit and retain top industry talent to competitively create value in our customers RF system designs and supply chain challenges.”

According to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch Report from March 13th, the worldwide market for RF Coax Connector is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 5.4% over the next five years. The growth will reach 4940 million US$ in 2024, rising from 3610 million US$ in 2019.

Coaxial Components Corp’s Coaxicom brand provides the company a competitive edge providing flexibility for quicker turnaround times, higher quality and custom design capabilities. Coaxicom offers US manufacturing of its high precision line of coaxial cable assemblies, rf connectors, adapters, BNC connectors, and other electronic components. The company’s acquisition of the vast Microwave Distributors and MIDISCO inventory makes Coaxial Components Corp a one-stop resource for a wide range of parts from a variety of manufacturers over the past 55 years. Research and cross reference tools are available at the Coaxicom.com.

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Coaxicom Manufactures Virtually Non-Magnetic SMA Connectors

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STUART, FLORIDA – Coaxial Components Corp. recently introduced a truly non-magnetic SMA connectors series in response to the growing medical equipment industry. In the past, ferromagnetic steel connectors left trace quantities of magnetic material present in the strike layers or as material impurities, causing magnetic fields of 1 milligauss or more. This level of magnetism was sufficient to impair the functioning of highly sensitive equipment.

The Coaxial Components custom manufactured Non-Magnetic SMA connectors, developed utilizing a beryllium copper body and Tri-M3 plating, produced no detectable change in magnetic field testing from a prestigious Ivy League University. The connectors tested to within the sensitivity of the handheld fluxgate magnetometer, 0.001 milligauss, compared to fields of 10 milligauss or more for off-the-shelf components.

Many of the Coaxicom SMA series are readily available for immediate shipment. For customers requiring unique specifications, Coaxicom’s Florida manufacturing facility can meet demanding delivery requirements while ensuring excellent quality standards.

Coaxial Components Corp specializes in the manufacturing and sales of RF connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters and cable assemblies. The company serves Customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, energy, transportation and military sectors. All Coaxicom connectors conform to applicable Military standards, industry standards and specifications.  For more information or to order a product catalog, visit Coaxicom.com, email Sales@Coaxicom.com or call 866-Coaxicom. Coaxicom products are also available through our ever growing network of International Representatives and Authorized Stocking Distributors.

Overview: Coaxicom designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard, as well as custom microwave and RF connectors all available in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. We have proudly served Customers in industries including the US military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, defense, telecom, wireless alternative energy and more. Coaxicom is committed to providing outstanding service, value and quality with made in the USA RF Connectors since 1984. Coaxicom also offers world-class manufacturing capabilities necessary to deliver the quality and reliability our customers demand including Military specifications MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL-STD-348 as applicable.

Right-Angle Bend (RAB) Assembly 3221-1-“L” Outperforms SMA Right Angle Connector

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Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) – STUART, FLORIDA –  There is little doubt that electrical components in today’s high-tech industries are getting smaller and smaller.  Retrofitting RF connectors to meet increasing frequency requirements often presents a challenge utilizing the standard SMA series.  As a result of the increased demand for better electrical performance, Coaxicom employed design innovation to resolve the conflict between size and frequency.

Typical mitred Right-angle SMA cable connectors cause significant reduction of electrical performance in cable assemblies, particularly at higher frequencies.  Coaxicom’s Right-Angle Bend (RAB) Assembly provides an alternative to the standard right angle SMA coaxial connector with a low-profile device, delivering increased electrical performance at higher frequencies.  The 3221-1-L series of pre-bent right angle assemblies use the center conductor of .141″ semi-rigid cable as the contact.  “L” represents the overall length of the RAB.  This fact, combined with Coaxicom’s ultra-short SMA male, provides the same or a smaller profile than a right-angle connector, but without the performance penalty.

Typical VSWR of these assemblies is 1.10 to 18 GHz, while a similar assembly using a conventional right angle connector is typically 1.30.  An SMA male to SMA male swept radius cable assembly has a typical VSWR of 1.17 at 18GHz.   User specified lengths to 60” are available.  RAB assemblies also provide a cost-effective and dependable alternate to radius swept adapters.  RAB assemblies and adapters using other connectors and cables are also available.

Coaxial Components Co3221rp is a Florida-based manufacturer and supplier of RF Connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters and cable assemblies.  The company serves customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, energy, transportation and military sectors.  All Coaxicom connectors conform to MIL-PRF-39012 and interface dimensions per MIL-STD-348 or industry standards.  For more information or to order a product catalog, visit www.Coaxicom.com or call 866-Coaxicom or email direct at Sales@Coaxicom.com.


SSMA and SMA RF Connectors – Center Contact Retention

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Most RF connectors require some form of internal component captivation to ensure proper mechanical integrity. The design must strike a balance with electrical performance which can be difficult to achieve with higher frequency connectors.

Epoxy and mechanical are common methods of captivation that are governed by military and industry specifications. SMA series connectors cover a wide range of captivation methods and are high frequency, average in size and very popular in the RF/microwave industry. SMA specifications per M39012 is 6 pounds axial (direct force in pounds) and 4 inch-ounces radial (torque). All SMA’s have an axial requirement but many do not have a radial. Other RF connector series have similar specifications.



Mainly for receptacles with tabs, slots, blunt posts and solder cups that are soldered onto a PC board. Epoxy is the preferred method when any axial or rotational movement of the center contact may break the PCB solder joint. Silver epoxy fill will improve RF leakage.

Axial – 6 lbs | Radial – 4 inch-ounces

VSWR: Very Good | RF Leakage: -60 dB




Adapters, Field Replaceables and similar designs where radial movement is allowed. These connectors do not have a soldering requirement of the center contact. There are many variations of barb captivation and epoxy is sometimes used.

Axial: 6 lbs | Radial: None

VSWR: Good | RF Leakage: -75 to -100 dB


knurlMechanical (Barb/Knurl)

For applications that require radial captivation and low cost. This design, along with other types of enhanced mechanical captivation such as staked and special barbs have poor VSWR performance due to the excessive capacitance introduced.

Axial – 6 lbs | Radial – 4 inch-ounces

VSWR – Average to Poor | RF Leakage: -75 to -100 dB



shoulderCable Connectors

In most cases, the cable center conductor will support the soldered connector’s center contact. Small connectors and cable commonly use a shoulder design that butts two insulators against the center contact. Epoxy may be used on assemblies with very small cable. Mainly used in low frequency applications.



Other areas of captivation include “snap-in” contacts called out in some MIL specifications and precision (metrology grade) connectors that use a noryl-PPO tm or rexolite bead to support and captivate an airline.

Choosing a company that is committed to the performance you expect is critical in any successful RF coaxial endeavor. Coaxicom is known for excellent performance standards and stand behind our products with exceptional quality and customer service.

Coaxial Components Corp is a woman-owned small business and ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D certified manufacturing facility that ships same day from a broad inventory of microwave and RF products. www.coaxicom.com, sales@coaxicom.com, 866-COAXICOM (866-262-9426)

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Could Your Coax Connectors Be Slowing You Down?

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Although they’re often an afterthought in many applications, coax connectors and adapters play critical roles in maintaining the electrical integrity within these systems. Because the design of coax cable connectors affect how well they transmit signals, it’s critical that every element of your system is best suited to fit your performance requirements.

Why Connectors Matter
Coaxial connectors and cables that aren’t optimized for minimal reflection and loss introduce discontinuities into transmission paths causing significant signal reduction and power loss. These losses can add up substantially creating complete system failure.

What Makes a Superior Connector?

Coaxicom connectors stand out because they’re designed for optimized performance. Unlike standard off-the-shelf cable hardware, Coaxicom connectors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of military and areospace specifications.

Coaxicom coax cable connectors are made to be the best. We provide unique products and an expert cable-building service. In addition to standard connectors, we offer a comprehensive range of adapters, terminators, attenuators, phase adjusters and even the tooling you’ll need to put it all together.

For more information on Coaxicom’s connectors from BNC and SSMA to SMB, N, MCX, and CMS email Sales@Coaxicom.com or complete the requested information below to receive a free catalog and welcome package.

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Coaxicom Expands Line of SMP Connectors

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SMP new jwaStuart, Florida –  Coaxial ComponentsCorp. has expanded its line of SMP micro-miniature push-on connectors and adapters. Designated the 032 series, Coaxicom’s SMP connectors are compatible with the Gilbert GPO™ and the Tyco OSMP™. They are 50 Ω connectors rated to 40 GHz with low VSWR, and feature small size and rugged interface to support high density packaging.

Coaxicom’s standard SMP configurations include straight, right angle, panel mounted, PCB, cable connectors and adapters. Male connectors and shrouds are available in full detent, limited detent, and smooth bore designs.

A typical low profile blind mate application uses flange mounted shrouds on adjacent panels connected via a “bullet” adapter to provide sufficient “float” for reliable mating. One side of the adapter (PN 032010-1) mates with a limited detent shroud (PN 032020-1) using the pin of a glass-to-metal hermetic seal installed in a panel as the center contact. The other side of the adapter mates with a smooth bore shroud (PN032015-1) installed in the second panel. This configuration keeps mating forces low, and retains the adapter in the limited detent shroud when the panels are separated.

Coaxicom specializes in the manufacture of RF connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters, torque wrenches, phase adjusters and cable assemblies. For more information or to request a catalog, visit Coaxicom.com or call 866-Coaxicom, 772-287-5000.  Coaxicom products are also available through our ever growing network of International Representatives and Authorized Stocking Distributors in the USA and abroad.

Press release ran at: ECN Mag follow link below.

ECN Magazine

Research tool allows for cross referencing of an RF component database

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Fri, 09/19/2014 – 2:24pm

Coaxial Components Corp.
Published on ECN.



Coaxial Components Corp. (Stuart, FL) has developed a preeminent research tool for cross referencing the company’s extensive database of RF components. The database encompasses product lines from Americon, AEP, AMP, Amphenol, CDI, Huber Suhner, ITT Pomona, Ma-Com, Military, Omni-Spectra, Pasternack, Radiall, Sealectro, Solitron, SV Microwave, and Tyco and dates back to the early 1970s. Features include:

  • RF connector components including BNC, SMA, TNC, SSMA, type-N, and all SSMB series.
  • SMB, SMC, MCX, and MMCX connectors.
  • A cross-referencing tool.

Trusted Cable Assembly Manufacturer

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As a dedicated RF/Microwave professional, you understand the importance of high-quality RF cable assemblies you can count on and know the value of quality equipment that can stand up to years of use. Sure, there are plenty of overseas cable makers who tout a useable product at a cut-throat price. Don’t fall for it.

Need industry-standard, application-specific or special cable assemblies made to your print? All of COAXICOM’s cable assemblies are manufactured here in our Florida facility. Find everything you need in the Coaxicom catalog.

If you care about quality and you want to do business with an American-based cable assembly manufacturer, shop for all your standard, semi-rigid and custom flexible cables in the Coaxicom catalog.

Your system is only as strong as it weakest link. Don’t risk failure with unproven cable assemblies from unknown sources. Coaxicom has been providing quality cable assemblies and connectors at reasonable prices since 1984.

We are a vibrant company with a bright future. If you’re in the Florida area and you want to know more about making cable assemblies in the USA, please send your resume to joinourteam@coaxicom.com

Why 50 Ω Connectors?

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All over the world, the predominant impedance for RF/microwave coaxial transmission lines and connectors is 50 Ω. Here is why….

50 ohm stdThe theoretical impedance for minimum attenuation is 77.5 Ω while the maximum power transfer is 30 Ω. The average of these two impedances is 53.75 Ω (rounded off to 50 Ω). Therefore, 50 Ω is a compromise between the minimum attenuation and maximum power transfer in a coaxial transmission line, and that is why it was selected. There are connectors available with other impedances, the next most popular impedance being 75 Ω (approximate minimum attenuation performance) that is in fairly wide use internationally and in long line communication systems.



Use a Cross-Reference Guide For the Exact Match

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Anyone who is purchasing coaxial connectors needs to know exactly which connectors will work with their applications before making a purchase. Coaxicom maintains a cross-reference guide that is designed to ensure that customers are building a connector that will work for them.

How the Cross-Reference Guide Works

Simply choose a competitor name from the pull-down menu, then type in the competitor part number to get a COAXICOM Cross-Reference.

Coaxicom offers a link to the part and the catalog to ensure that customers can review their selection. Detailed information about each part is included in the catalog with pictures to prevent customers from purchasing incompatible connectors.


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