You Have a Team of Engineers Behind You.

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Is anyone out there…. anyone at all?

Sure, this could be a line from any post-apocalyptic, sci-fi movie but truthfully isn’t this also how you feel when dealing with the other “big-brand” RF manufacturers?   Alone. Sometimes confused. Left to figure out what you need, and hoping someone…anyone will get back to you with an answer?

While Coaxicom has been around for over 35-years with a massive in-stock part inventory and competitive prices, it still operates under its original core values.  The customer is king…or queen and customer care including quick response times, same day quotes, and expedited delivery remain our daily ethos. At Coaxicom it’s just about not what we do…it’s how we do it.

This approach extends to our “dream team” of engineers. Accessible and friendly, the experienced staff will communicate, collaborate and innovate-whether that’s for new product development, a retro-fit or to re-create an obsolete part for older equipment. Coaxicom will partner with you to just “get er’ done” and hopefully save the day!

Why?  Because that’s who we are and we want to keep good customers happy.

How? Because we are boutique, lean, efficient and not bogged down in corporate bureaucracy.

Where?  Right here in the USA with sales, engineering, quality assurance and manufacturing all working together at one main facility in Stuart, Florida.

So no more unanswered emails. No more endless automated phone prompts. No more waiting for weeks.

Coaxicom has skillfully fused technology with talent­ to become a trusted “one-stop-shop” – whether you have a 25,000-piece order or just looking for product advice.

So… to paraphrase the immortal words of Will Smith in futuristic flick, I am Legend, Coaxicom would like to assure you.”If there’s anybody out there… anybody… please. You are not alone.”

Give us a call today.