The All-Purpose N Connector!

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Type N Coaxial Connector by Coaxicom

The Type N 50 ohm connector was designed in the 1940s for military systems operating below 5 GHz. One resource identifies the origin of the name as meaning “Navy”. Several other sources attribute it to Mr. Paul Neil, an RF engineer at Bell Labs.

The Type N uses an internal gasket to seal out the environment, and is hand tightened. There is an air gap between center and outer conductor.

In the 1960s, improvements pushed performance to 12 GHz and later to 18 GHz. .

Type-N connectors follow the military standard MIL-C-39012.  Even the best specialized Type-N connectors will begin to mode around 20 GHz, producing unpredictable results if used at that frequency or higher.

A 75 ohm version, with a reduced center pin is  available and in wide use by the cable-TV industry.

These are both economical and rugged, for these reasons you will find them in a wide range of industries and vast spectrum of applications.

Coaxicom’s  Type N Connectors  are medium size, moderate power handling, 50 Ω impedance connectors with a 5/8”-24 threaded coupling.

The standard series provides excellent electrical and mechanical performance for critical applications up to 11 GHz. They find particular use in rack-and-panel
systems to provide the interface between the smaller coaxial connectors used inside
the equipment, and the more robust external connector and cable requirements.

View N Connector Specifications Sheet HereN Connector Specs.

When properly mated, Coaxicom’s N Connectors provide a weatherproof connection.

Many are available in reverse polarized and reverse threaded configurations.

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