Using the Right Torque Wrench

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Torque Wrenches

Need to tighten a cable connector but don’t have the right wrench?


Instead, you dig through your tool box and find something that is less than satisfactory? That might work for the time being, but without a tight connection, information traveling through the cable might not get to its destination uninterrupted.

If you work with several types of connections regularly, you need a quality torque wrench for each connection you have. Be it SSMA, SMA, TNC, N; using a specific torque wrench for your connection of choice will greatly increase connection stability among devices, increase performance, and reduce the risk of the worst case scenario; a cable detaching from a device.

When tightness is crucial; trust in a torque wrench from Coaxicom. With over 20 torque wrenches specifically designed for the types of connections you work on the most, you will be able to find the perfect torque wrench or group of wrenches that you need for your project. Getting a tight connection is crucial to the performance of your instruments! If you got your cable from Coaxicom, you are on the right track; if you got your torque wrench from Coaxicom, you’ll be a success!

Make sure you have the right tools to get the job done, order your torque wrench from Coaxicom today.

Request a quote for same day shipping (before 2pm), or to request the latest 90-page catalog, email: or call 866-262-9426.

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