Five Tips for Project Management During the Holiday Season Rush.

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Well the holiday season and all that it brings is about to officially begin!  And before we know it… this year will quickly be coming to an end.

While your thoughts may be diverted to parties, festivities, and good cheer, you are likely nervously drifting to the open projects that you and your team have not yet completed; jobs underway that aren’t quite finished, and the pressures of more to come next year.

So before you carve that turkey, trim the tree, light the candles, or pop the bubbly, now is the time to “reset”. This doesn’t mean you scratch all that’s been done…because let’s face it, that’s just not realistic, but it does mean there is time to reassess, regroup, and even get ahead for 2019!

Here are five good ways to close out these last two months and transition into the new-year better and more efficiently, so you can enjoy the holidays but still have full command of your professional demands.

1) Take a hard look at how you have used existing systems and processes.

Some of your colleagues probably live and die by certain protocols and procedures but use others very infrequently. Take a step back and determine what works best for you!  Focus on your strengths and those of your team mates. Optimizing everyone’s particular strong-suit is an excellent way to reduce the time spent on a task and also helps to ensure it’s done right the first time. So now is the time collaborate and delegate!

2) Keep moving past the flaws.

Slowing down every time you hit a snag can add a lot of extra time to the  project.  At this point of the year, mark problem spots as you go. Better to come back. Returning to an issue at a slightly later date often brings a clearer mind and better prospective.  That way you can keep the rhythm going. Of course, if a big crucial problem hits, solve it now so it doesn’t send you way off course.

3) Rely on a trusted manufacturer.

Having a strong relationship with an RF/Microwave components manufacturer is an absolute must. A mutually beneficial partnership improves productivity no matter what time of year. It cuts out weeks of delays and is a lot more cost effective, an important factor for buyers and procurement mangers.  An established, long-term RF manufacturer better understands your business and what is important to you! Consequently the service is more efficient, with “grey areas” disappearing and any issues which do arise are handled hassle-free.

4) Outsourcing is the answer.

Could you potentially put together a cable assembly? Maybe…or maybe not. But is now really the time for weeks of trial and error?  The answer is a definitive no! Sourcing components like cable assemblies crafted to exact specifications by experts allows you to spend time more strategically on tasks that only you can do to wrap up the job.

5) Keep your eye on the prize.

When your brain is side-tracked with travel plans, in-laws or finding that perfect gift…. it’s hard to keep focus! It happens to all of us! Let nothing keep you from reaching the finish line. Take just a few minutes to visualize what it means to be finished. Push hard to power through and get it done… then all that’s left to do is have a great and relaxed holiday season!

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