Trusted Cable Assembly Manufacturer

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As a dedicated RF/Microwave professional, you understand the importance of high-quality RF cable assemblies you can count on and know the value of quality equipment that can stand up to years of use. Sure, there are plenty of overseas cable makers who tout a useable product at a cut-throat price. Don’t fall for it.

Need industry-standard, application-specific or special cable assemblies made to your print? All of COAXICOM’s cable assemblies are manufactured here in our Florida facility. Find everything you need in the Coaxicom catalog.

If you care about quality and you want to do business with an American-based cable assembly manufacturer, shop for all your standard, semi-rigid and custom flexible cables in the Coaxicom catalog.

Your system is only as strong as it weakest link. Don’t risk failure with unproven cable assemblies from unknown sources. Coaxicom has been providing quality cable assemblies and connectors at reasonable prices since 1984.

We are a vibrant company with a bright future. If you’re in the Florida area and you want to know more about making cable assemblies in the USA, please send your resume to