What does it take to be a GREAT Engineer ?

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Like many engineering problems, there’s no single  answer– but there are several traits that certainly help!  As we know, much is required to become a truly effective engineer. It takes dedication, education and passion. But there are also other qualities and skills an individual needs to make a big impact and ensure a successful career. Engineering is dynamic and ever-evolving, so it MUST have people who can work across disciplines, with others, and adapt to new challenges.  Here’s a list of the top qualities companies like Coaxicom in Stuart, Florida, a leader in design and manufacturing of coaxial connectors,cable assemblies and other components look for when hiring new staff.

1) Curiosity – A driving force to learn, solve problems and think critically.

2) Healthy dose of creativity –  Thinking of innovative ways to develop new approaches and make existing things work more efficiently.

3) Good communicator – Don’t believe the stereotype: engineers aren’t shut away in workshops and labs. They’re at the heart of any great company like Coaxicom and need to be excellent communicators to make sure colleagues, customers and sometimes the public understand.

4) Resourceful – Engineering is not about memorization or repetitive tasks but investigating  where to find the information/knowledge required in order to solve the problem at hand.

5) Analytical – Dissect and make sense of complex systems and understand how challenges arise.

6) Attention to detail while still keeping an eye on the “big-picture”

7) Team Player – Engineers turn ideas into reality but no one can do it alone.

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