What You Should Know When Ordering RF Cable Assemblies for a Government / Military Project.

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Successful manufacturers in the United States understand that when working with either the government or the military there will be a certain amount of product customization required. This is particularly true when it comes to RF coax cable assemblies. To understand why government/military applications for cable assemblies are so specialized, it is important to know that a large percentage of cable assemblies are used for communication. Often it is vital that these assemblies are durable and fully-functional in the harshest conditions. Sometimes to achieve this…all that is needed is a tweak or slight adjustment to a standard assembly, while other applications may demand a high-performance custom design. But in either case, it is a mandate that every cable assembly meets stringent military specifications.

Examples of where Coaxicom cable assemblies are utilized within military communication is; radio, wireless and portable power. Radio is still the military’s lead horse in communication and has been for many years. Wireless allows for quick and reliable data exchange and portable power allows for efficient ways to power up equipment, even in the most remote areas.
Coaxial Components Corp. (Coaxicom) supplies cable assemblies to the United States Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, national  labs and NASA. Coaxicom engineers, and manufacturing supervisors work collectively with each customer to ensure all requirements are not only met but exceeded.

As a leading cable assembly manufacturer for over 3 decades, Coaxicom is extremely knowledgeable on military specs; including MIL-A-55339, MIL-C-83517, MIL-STD 348, and of course MIL-PRF 39012, a performance specification describing the requirements for Radio Frequency (RF) connectors used with flexible RF cables and certain other types of coaxial transmission lines.
Coaxicom also specializes in high-performance Mini Adapter & Phase Adjustable Cable Assemblies and offers a Prototype Program.

To get started, send your specifications along with any drawings to Coaxicom’s cable specialist at j.andrews@coaxicom.com or use the Cable Builder Tool here.

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